The key practices of the Corporate Social Responsibility

Continuous improvement strategy

Involvement of employees and stakeholders

Implementation of good practices

Ethical communication and labelling

Ecocert, a partner in your CSR approach

We believe that organizations have a major role to play in a positive ecological transition. As pioneers in the development of rigorous environmental and social standards, social responsibility lies at the very core of the Ecocert vision.

A CSR expert to assist you anywhere in the world

Are you a company that you would like to promote and improve your practices in sustainable development ?x000D x000D You are a professional organization that wants to implement a collective approach to guide and promote the CSR commitments of your members?

From understanding the challenges to implementation, our experts support you in your corporate social responsibility approach through consulting, training, and certification in more than 130 countries.

The Ecocert trademark benefits from the international recognition by professionals and the general public built upon its high requirements and the quality of its guarantees.

Our internationally recognized standards will allow you to promote and guarantee your CSR commitments.

We encourage our customers to enhance their responsible CSR strategy, in supplementing their good practices with fair trade, carbon compensation practices,etc.

Our certifications: assuring the integrity of your products

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Our training program: sharing our expertise

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Responsible sourcing: obtaining the Fair for Life label

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CSR: from theoretical principles to actual practices within companies

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Responsible purchasing: combining performance and positive impact on environment and society

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Our consulting services: expertise for your projects

We assist you in developing tailor-made solutions that match your goals and values. Find examples of our Corporate Social Responsibility work below.

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Fair Trade

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Biodiversity and climate change

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