Act for a more sustainable
food sector

Integrate environmental protection into each stage of the production:

Improve soil fertility, preserve natural resources in quantity and quality, respect living ecosystems, promote the importance of co-products.

Ensure the development of socially responsible sectors:

Support farmers while enabling dignified working conditions, safeguarding the food autonomy of local populations, setting fair prices, promoting long-term trade relations, and reducing food waste.

Safeguard the sector to cope with the complexity of the supply chain:

Control health hazards and guarantee traceability and transparency in order to strengthen trust between you and your suppliers, customers and consumers.

Ecocert: committed to organic agriculture

As pioneers in organic certification, we have been contributing to the development of best agricultural and agribusiness practices at each stage of the supply chain--from producer to distributor--for more than 30 years.

Our expertise: benefiting you globally

Are you a farmer, food processor, exporter, importer, distributor, cooperative, restaurant owner, or an institution? Would you like to adopt new environmental and social practices?

Our experts help you establish and promote sustainable practices through training, consulting, and certification services. Thanks to our wide international network, our global supply chain moves from upstream to downstream.

As world leader in organic certification, the Ecocert trademark is a worldclass guarantee.

In order to mitigate risks and initiate a progressive strategy, Ecocert offers recognized standards in Organic farming and sustainable farming, Food safety and Quality, and Fair Trade or Corporate Social Responsibility. In your company our solutions may be implemented independently from one another or combined within the framework of a comprehensive responsible business approach.

Our training program: sharing our expertise

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Fair Trade: the fundamentals

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Organic Farming: the fundamentals

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Corporate Social Responsibility: from theoretical principles to practice

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Our consulting services: expertise dedicated to your projects

We assist you in developing tailor-made solutions to meet your goals. See examples of our agriculture work below

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Organic Farming

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Food safety and quality

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