• 143,000

producers and workers benefit from the 'Fair for Life' program


Countries involved

  • 14.5

million euros development fund, invested thanks to the 'Fair for Life' program

The key practices of Fair Trade

Decent and safe working conditions throughout the supply chain

A fair purchase price superior to the market price, as well as a guaranteed minimum price

Environmentally friendly agricultural practices

Empowerment and autonomy of producers

Ecocert, supporting a fairer Trade

Consistent with Ecocert’s founding principles and history as a pioneer in organic farming certifications, Ecocert goes further by integrating the social and economic dimensions into its certification services. Created in 2006, Fair For Life is a rigorous and reputed certification program through which Ecocert has become a key player in the international Fair Trade scene over the past 15 years.

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Our consulting, training, and certification activities in fair trade are internationally recognized by industry professionals.

Our Fair For Life program is applicable to all operations across sectors, from production to distribution. Fair For Life combines rigorous social, economic and environmental standards.

The Ecocert trademark benefits from the international recognition by professionals, built upon the high standards and quality of its services.

We can certify your products to a standard consistent with Fair Trade.x000D x000D You can also amplify your commitment to fairness and equality by having your sustainable practices certified as in organic farming or CSR.

You would like to engage in Fair Trade?

Are you looking for a Fair Trade certification?

Our training program: sharing our expertise

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Fair Trade North-South: the FAIR FOR LIFE standard

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Fair Trade North-North: from partnership with farmers to a FAIR FOR LIFE Labelling

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The Fair Trade fundamentals

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Our consulting services: expertise for your projects

We assist you in developing tailor-made solutions that match your goals and values. Find out more about our past work on Fair Trade here.

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