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International Agri-food group
Diversification programme of vanilla-cocoa production
* Program impact assessment on the standard of living of producers * Verification of the impact measurement method and good practices on the field * Compliance inspection of the quality of the key indicators and advice


400 beneficiary producers (increase of the average income and improvement in living conditions)
Central purchasing office
Benchmark of aquaculture and sustainable fishing label
* Analysis of sustainable fishing and aquaculture labels * Participation in the development of a seafood purchasing strategy * Creation of an internal private standard of good practices for the responsible purchase of fishery and aquaculture products.


9 sustainable fisheries and aquaculture labels analysed Creation of an internal private standard of good purchasing practices for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.
International Agri-food group
Technical diagnosis of cocoa cooperatives
* Analysis of practices within the cooperatives committed to sustainable cocoa production * Interviews and field visits to evaluate strengths and areas for improvement of the functioning of the producer cooperatives * Preparation of a synthesis report including advice to improve the quality of sourcing


40 cooperatives involved, 47 visits to producer and supplier cooperatives
Sustainable Vanilla Initiative (SVI)
Creation of a traceability tool for the vanilla sector
* Support for the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative (SVI), an organisation that gathers the main players in the vanilla sector, in order to improve the traceability of the sector * Field diagnosis and analysis of the challenges of the international vanilla market (product quality and traceability, price volatility, etc.) * Preparation of technical specifications for traceability and support for the development of a digital traceability tool * Field evaluation and testing of the tools developed.


The involvement of 80,000 collectors, 6,000 middlemen and 100 exporters in the long term
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