Key points of the "Sustainable farming" standards

Improvement of agricultural practices

Preservation of biodiversity

Pollution Prevention

Decent and safe working conditions

Ecocert, specialist in sound agricultural practices

As part of our commitment to organic agriculture, Ecocert has been contributing to the transformation of the agricultural and agribusiness systems for nearly 30 years.

An expert in sustainable farming to assist you anywhere in the world

x000D x000D Are you an operator in the agricultural supply chain?x000D x000D Are you looking for a Sustainable Farming label to highlight your commitment and to access new markets?

Our experts assist you in more than 130 countries throughout your continuous improvement strategy, by means of training, consulting, and certification services.

Professionals worldwide recognize the Ecocert brand for its high standards and the quality of its services.

Ecocert offers a wide range of labels in sustainable agriculture across major global productions (cocoa, coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables)

As a true partner, we encourage our customers to enhance their responsible strategies by offering supplementary services in fair trade, organic farming, and CSR

Our training program: sharing our expertise

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Understanding GLOBAL GAP: the certification of good agricultural practices

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Understanding the requirements of the UTZ standard

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Highlighting your environmental commitment

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Our consulting services: expertise for your projects

We assist you in developing tailor-made solutions that match your goals. See examples of our past work on Biodiversity and climate change below.

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Organic farming

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Fair trade

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