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The key principles of Organic farming

Respect for living ecosystems and animal welfare

Maintenance of a high degree of biodiversity and conservation of soil fertility

Ban of the
chemical synthetic pesticides and GMOs

Responsible management of natural resources

Organic agriculture at the core of Ecocert

Convinced that organic production is a viable long-term response to the economic, ecological and social challenges of farming worldwide, we have worked on the development of organic standards for over 30 years. Ecocert contributed to the drafting of the first organic regulations and remains an expert sought by French and International authorities.

An expert in organic agriculture to assist you anywhere in the world

Are you a producer, cooperative, processor, importer and/or exporter, retailer, food service or an institution?

Do you want to go organic?

Our experts assist you in the implementation and promotion of your organic strategy across the agriculture, cosmetics and textile sectors through our consulting, training and certification services in more than 130 countries.

The Ecocert brand is internationally recognized by professionals for its high standards and the integrity of its guarantees.

We certify your products according to the private or organic standards that are best suited to your markets, whether local or imports/exports. Ecocert is also a one-stop shop for sustainable certifications, such as fair trade and corporate social responsibility.

Our training program: sharing our expertise

Discover our courses in Organic agriculture

The fundamentals of organic farming

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Understanding organic regulations for retailers

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Applying best practices for organic products

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Our consulting services: our expertise dedicated to your projects

We work by your side to develop tailor-made solutions that match your goals and values. Discover some of our work in Organic Farming:

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Fair trade

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