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As pioneers in the development of standards characterised by rigorous environmental and social criteria, social responsibility lies at the very core of the Ecocert project. We are convinced that organisations have a major role to play in the ecological transition.

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You are a company that you would like to promote and improve your practices in sustainable development ?

You are a professional organisation that wants to implement a collective approach to guide and promote the CSR commitments of your members?

From understanding the challenges to operational deployment, our experts support you in your corporate social responsibility approach through consulting, training and certification in more than 130 countries.

The Ecocert trademark benefits from the international recognition by professionals and the general public built upon its high requirements and the quality of its guarantees.

Our internationally recognised standards will allow you to promote and guarantee your CSR commitments.

We encourage our customers to enhance their responsible CSR strategy, in supplementing their good practices with fair trade, carbon compensation practices,etc.

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Responsible sourcing: obtaining the Fair for Life label

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CSR: from theoretical principles to actual practices within companies

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Responsible purchasing: combining performance and positive impact on environment and society

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We assist you in developing tailor-made solutions that match your goals and values. Find below our references on Corporate Social Responsibility

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Retailer- garden centre
Assistance in the implementation of a supplier charter
* Analysis of existing business practices to identify the main areas of commitment towards suppliers * Assessment of the current situation regarding environmental and social risk management within its production chains * Training of teams to raise their awareness of the approach * Preparation of monitoring indicators to evaluate suppliers * Creation of e-learning training modules


Creation of 4 customised e-learning modules on the group Responsible Purchasing Policy
Chemical sector group
Assistance for the CSR strategy applied to suppliers.
* SWOT analysis of the system and the CSR evaluation tools of suppliers * Document review and interviews with key departments (Purchasing, Quality Assurance, CSR) * Identification of strategic areas for strengthening the Responsible Sourcing Policy * Synthesis report on the performance of the established system * Action proposals that take into account the duty of care, in order to prevent social, environmental and governance risks


Validation of the supplier CSR strategy by the main client of the group
Regional management company
Support for the ESG sustainable development strategy
* Analysis of the internal functioning of the management company and of the external investments * Raising awareness and mobilising teams on the challenges of sustainable development * Diagnosis of the activities within companies and tailor-made assistance to build the CSR approach


Preparation of an ESG standard and development of evaluation tools for future involvement
International Agri-food group
Diversification programme of vanilla-cocoa production
* Program impact assessment on the standard of living of producers * Verification of the impact measurement method and good practices on the field * Compliance inspection of the quality of the key indicators and advice


400 beneficiary producers (increase of the average income and improvement in living conditions)
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