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Our certifications can be implemented independently from one another, or combined in a comprehensive responsible business approach.

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150+ standards, public or private, national or international, selected for their social and environmental criteria.

Ecocert certifications: essential assets for your organisation

From the first audit to the issuing of the certificate, our teams evaluate and ensure that your activities comply with the specifications you have chosen.

    • Communicate in a transparent manner on the authenticity of your commitments
    • Improve the efficiency and reliability of your organisation
    • Ensure trust with your stakeholders up to the consumers
    • Access new national or export markets

Reliable guarantees around the world

A historical player in the world of organic farming certification, Ecocert is renowned for its competence, independence and impartiality.

30 years of expertise

For nearly three decades, our expertise in the certification of sustainable products, systems and services has been one of the most reliable and rigorous on the market.

Brand benchmark

The Ecocert brand is the benchmark for organic and ecological labelling, trusted by consumers.

Global traceability

Through our 27 international subsidiaries, we are able to operate locally in more than 130 countries. As a result, our service provides a high guarantee of traceability for all sectors, all over the world.

Q&A on certification

Certification by Ecocert: what is it?

It's a rigorous process that consists of an independent and impartial certification body assessing the conformity of a product, service or system with environmental and social requirements specified in a standard. At the end of the certification process, Ecocert issues a decision and when positive, delivers a written assurance called a certificate.

What is a standard?

It is a functional document listing all the criteria to be implemented as well as the control procedures for obtaining certification and the associated labels. All the standards selected by Ecocert promote practices with a positive impact on the environment and society.

How do I know a product is certified by Ecocert?

Ecocert conducts on-site inspections to ensure that a product properly complies with the requirements described in a standard.

An Ecocert-certified product may be identified in various ways, depending on the type of products (food, cosmetics, detergents, etc.) therefore it's necessary to read the labels and find one of the following:

  • The wording ""certified by Ecocert""
  • The Ecocert certification logo
  • The name of the standard

Specifically for organic products:

The codes allocated to Ecocert by the European Commission:

  • FR-BIO-01 for products in France.
  • ISO country code -BIO-154 for organic products outside the European Union.

Any of these prove that the wording (""organic"" for example) displayed on the product has been checked for compliance by Ecocert.

How are organic products certified by Ecocert?

Ecocert has an international network in more than 130 countries to verify in the field the conformity of practices with organic specifications. The entire supply chain is audited, from the raw material to the finished product. Ecocert carries out at least one annual on-site inspections, supplemented by additional unannounced audits during the year. Samples may also be taken for laboratory analysis. The audit reports are then independently verified by our teams in order to certify organic products.

The certification process at Ecocert in 5 key steps


Your request

Our team advises you on the labels best suited to your needs


Your contract

A key step to your engagement with Ecocert


Initial audit

Our auditors make on-site visits to check the compliance of your systems, your practices and your products with the corresponding standards.


Review of your certification file

Our certification officers review the conclusions of the audit report to decide if certification may be granted



Our team has issued your certificate. At this point, you can display the logo associated with the standard on your labels with a transparent communication.

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