The key practices for Biodiversity and climate change

Preservation or improvement of bio diversity

Implementation of sustainable agricultural practices

Involvement of local communities or native populations

Responsible management of natural resources

Ecocert committed to sustainable development

We have been committed for the past 30 years to sustainable development and the transformation of global agriculture with the conviction that the swift implementation of measures by economic stakeholders is required to tackle climate change. Working as an expert for international bodies such as the UN, Ecocert certifies global projects on reforestation and biodiversity conservation.

A globally recognized know-how in sustainable development

You are a co-operative, a company or an institution that wishes to enhance your efforts for the protection of biodiversity and/or against climate change?

Our experts assist you in more than 130 countries throughout the implementation of your project, by means of training, consulting, and certification services.

Professionals worldwide recognise the Ecocert trademark for its high standards and the quality of its services.

We certify your projects according to the standards that best correspond to your markets and your commitments.

We also offer supplementary certifications for sustainable practices, such as fair trade and corporate social responsibility.

Our certifications: assurance for your commitments

Looking for a certification that highlights your actions for biodiversity and climate ?

Our training program: sharing our expertise

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Ecological Land management: implementing and promoting good practises

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Introduction to the standards of forest certifications

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Towards Carbon Neutrality: How to achieve it?

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Our consultancy, our know-how for your projects

We assist you in developing tailor-made solutions that match your targets. Find below our references on Biodiversity and climate change

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Corporate Societal Responsibility

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Organic farming

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