• News • Homecare products
    🔎 ZOOM ON // Ecocert candles and home fragrances standard
    The labeling Candles and home fragrances of natural and organic origin is an Ecocert standard implemented since February 1st, 2019.
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  • Event • Agri-food • Fair Trade • Organic farming • Sustainable agriculture
    Ecocert is once again a partner of the Sustainable Foods Summit!
    The Sustainable Foods Summit is a summit organized by Ecovia Intelligence and addresses key development issues in sustainability and ecolabels in the food industry.
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  • News • Quality and food safety
    ZOOM ON // IFS Food, quality and food safety label
    The current context (listeria/salmonella problems) leads us to present you with a truly safe, verified and sustainable solution: IFS Food certification by an independent, competent and impartial third party, like Ecocert.
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  • News • Biodiversity and climate change
    New IPCC report: CLIMATE Solutions - April 2022
    In this 3rd part of the Sixth Assessment Report, an in-depth assessment was made of how human behavior, choices and consumption can contribute to climate change mitigation. (IPCC)
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  • News • Textiles
    ZOOM ON // PEFC, a label for sustainable forest management
    Today, March 21, 2022, is International Forest Day! Discover a ZOOM on PEFC, the label for sustainable forest management, in our #1month1label series
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  • News • Biodiversity and climate change
    🎙 PODCAST // How do the SDGs help companies to move towards sustainable models? - Laura Palmeiro
    This is the end of our #VoicesForChange podcast series!
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  • News • Biodiversity and climate change
    🔎 ZOOM ON // "Climate Neutral Certification", a certification for the contribution to carbon neutrality
    The Climate Neutral Group (CNG) is a way to promote companies that are committed to contributing to the carbon neutrality objective of the Paris Agreement.
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  • News • Agri-food • Organic farming
    Support the organic in Canada
    Organic Federation of Canada : Express your support for organic!
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  • News • Organic farming
    🎙 PODCAST // What are the main challenges for organic and sustainable agriculture in Africa? - David Amudavi
    He explains with insight and hindsight the challenges of local, regional and inter-state disparity, the need for collaboration and training in order to understand how and why organic is one of the best solutions today for tomorrow.
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  • News • Agri-food • Organic farming • Sustainable agriculture
    🎙 PODCAST // What is the link between organic agriculture and empowerment of people and communities? - Usha Soolapani
    We are glad to present you the next episode of our “Voices For Change” podcast series: organic agriculture, women's empowerment, indian food system...
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  • News • Organic farming
    ZOOM ON // Canada Organic Regime (COR), Canadian Organic Agriculture
    The Canada Organic Regime (COR) is the federal regulatory program for Canadian organic products. 3615 operators certified by ECOCERT Canada in 2020.
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  • News
    The ECOCERT Group wishes you a happy new year 2022
    All Ecocert employees wish you a happy new year 2022!
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  • News • Organic farming
    🔎 ZOOM ON ...// China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019
    The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 enables your organic products to be commercialized as organic in mainland China and Hong Kong.
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  • News • Agri-food • Cosmetics • Forestry • Homecare products • Textiles
    Discover the new Ecocert Group film !
    The result of a great team effort carried out since March 2020 with the Bordeaux agency ODDS and our teams, we are proud to present our new video.
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  • News • Agri-food • Cosmetics • Organic farming • Textiles
    🔎 ZOOM ON... // USDA NOP, organic certification in the United States
    The National Organic Program (NOP) is the federal organic regulation of the USDA (US Department of Agriculture).
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  • News • Fair Trade
    Fair Trade cook book
    Fair for Life is featured in “The Fair Trade Ingredient Cookbook” by Nettie Cronish
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  • News • Fair Trade
    Fair for Life certification
    Interesting article to explore the Fair for life Certification
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  • News • Sustainable Agriculture • Verantwortungsvolle Fischzucht
    🔎 ZOOM ON... // MSC and ASC, certification programs for sustainable fisheries and responsible aquaculture
    With their standards, ASC and MSC want to ensure that farming and wild catches of fish are practised more responsibly and sustainably. The two organisations protect habitats and ecosystems in oceans, lakes and rivers.
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  • Press release • Fair Trade
    Fair for Life certified products are now easily identifiable on Amazon
    Fair for Life certification is now highlighted on one of the world’s leading online retailers, Amazon, through its program “Climate Pledge Friendly’.
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  • News • Sustainable Agriculture
    🔎 ZOOM ON // Rainforest Alliance, a label for sustainable agriculture
    The Rainforest Alliance focuses on protecting land and forests in ways that advance the rights and prosperity of rural communities.
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  • Event • Cosmetics
    Sustainable Cosmetics Summit
    Changing the face of the beauty industry by sustainable development
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  • Event • Agri-food • Organic farming
    Organic World Congress 2021
    OWC2021: 5 days of congress for organic actors
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  • News • Organic farming
    Meet Ecocert at Natexpo
    Meet Ecocert on stand I- 30 at NATEXPO from 24 to 26 October 2021 in Paris.
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  • News
    Farmers Facing Extreme Weather – The Government Support
    The details of government support available to support farmers facing extreme weather.
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  • News • fsa
    🔎 ZOOM ON... // FSA, a verification for driving continuous improvement of on-farm sustainability
    Discover FSA: a set of tools to improve agricultural practices for a move toward sustainability
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  • News • Corporate social responsibility
    Transitions, a sustainable development consultancy agency, joins Ecocert
    Transitions intregrates Ecocert group to strengthen its CSR and sustainable development consulting. department.
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  • News • Textiles
    🔎 ZOOM ON... // RAF, the label for animal welfare in the textile sector
    With standards like RAF (RWS, RMS, RAS), consumers can be assured that the animal fibers in their garments have been produced in accordance with animal welfare principles.
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  • Press release • Agri-food • Biodiversity and climate change • Corporate social responsibility • Forestry • Sustainable agriculture
    ECOCERT Canada now authorized for Rainforest Alliance audits and certification
    We are pleased to inform you Ecocert IS AUTHORIZED to conduct audits and provide certification services
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  • News
    The Lévis office is moving
    Please note that as of June 18, 2021, our Levis office will be relocated
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  • News • Sustainable agriculture
    🔎 ZOOM ON ...// SRP, A label for responsible rice fields
    Since April 2021, Ecocert, a specialist in the verification of sustainable practices, has decided to support rice stakeholders with SRP verification. Ecocert is pleased to certify verify a label on sustainable rice farming.
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  • Press release • Organic farming
    The ECOCERT Group is acquiring CERTISYS, the leading Belgian body for organic certification
    The ECOCERT Group, a global player in organic product certification, is strengthening its position in Europe and gaining access to the Benelux market through its integration of CERTISYS.
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  • Press release • Corporate social responsibility
    Mont Tremblant Resort obtains ECORESPONSIBLE ™ level 3- Optimum certification from Council of Sustainable Industries – CID
    Ecocert Canada congratulates Mont Tremblant Resort as the first Quebec company to obtain ECORESPONSIBLE ™ level 3- Optimum certification from the Council of Sustainable Industries – CID.
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  • News • Agri-food • Fair Trade
    ZOOM ON...// FAIR FOR LIFE - Fair Trade
    Fair Trade allows for greater equity in world trade from an economic point of view, allowing actors to invest in social and environmental progress - Fair for Life - FFL
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  • Event • Fair Trade • Organic farming • Sustainable agriculture
    The Ecocert group is taking part in the new 100% digital version of BIOFACH eSPECIAL 2021, the international organic food exhibition.
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  • News • Cosmetics • Organic farming • Sustainable agriculture
    🔎 ZOOM ON...// COSMOS - Natural and organic cosmetics
    COSMOS (COSmetics Organic Standard) is a certification recognized worldwide to guarantee natural and organic cosmetics with criteria respectful of Man and the environment.
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  • News
    New Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and UK
    A new Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and UK is now in force since 1 January 2021, that includes an agreement about the trade of organic products.
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  • News • Agri-food
    REVISION OF THE CANADA ORGANIC STANDARD 2020 – Free training module
    Summary of change about the new Canadian Organic Standards (CAN/CGSB-32.310-2020 and CAN/CGSB-32.311-2020) published on December 11, 2020- Organic Production Systems.
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  • News
    The Ecocert group wishes you an excellent year 2021!
    This year will be a special one for the group as it celebrates its 30th anniversary!
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  • News
    Post-Brexit updates regarding trade with the UK in 2021
    Find out the latest news to import or export products to the UK!
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  • News • Agri-food • Corporate social responsibility • Cosmetics • Forestry • Homecare products • Textiles
    📢Discover the new ECOCERT Group CSR report
    We are pleased to present you our new CSR report. A real team effort and internally made.
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  • News • Fair Trade • Organic farming • Sustainable agriculture • Textiles
    🔎 ZOOM ON...// GOTS
    Gobal Organic Textile Standard is a globally recognized certification to guarantee organic textiles with environmentally friendly criteria and working conditions along the entire supply chain
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  • Press release
    The firm Des Enjeux et Des Hommes joins the Ecocert Group to create a leading CSR consultancy division.
    The firm Des Enjeux et des Hommes, one of France's leading CSR consultancy firms, and the Ecocert Group are combining their expertise and teams to form a world-leading sustainable development and CSR consultancy division.
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  • Event • Agriculture Biologique • Agriculture Durable • Agroalimentaire • Commerce équitable
    Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) Program
    Regenerative organic agriculture: What’s it all about? WEBINAR-SIAL CANADA
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  • Event • Agri-food • Sustainable agriculture
    Don’t miss the New Rainforest Alliance Certification Seal
    Rainforest Alliance certification helps farmers produce better crops, adapt to climate change, increase their productivity, and reduce costs.
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  • News • Organic Farming
    Great news for the European organic farming!
    The European Commission has decided to put organic farming at the centre of the European agricultural transition, and has set the target to 25% of organic land in Europe by 2030, as well as reducing the use of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030...
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  • News
    Welcome to the new Ecocert Canada website
    We are pleased to introduce you to our new website.
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  • News
    Our services during the coronavirus
    During the Covid-19 period, Ecocert group is taking measures to maintain its services, read the message from our CEO Philippe Thomazo
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  • News • Organic farming
    Ecocert Group acquiresNature’s International Certification Services
    Nature’s International Certification Services (NICS) is an organic certification agency based in Viroqua, Wisconsin, US.
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