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    ECOCERT Group's 2020 CSR report is now available
    Find out how we contribute to a sustainable world, through our services, by continuous improvement of our own practices within our organization, and by cooperation with our ecosystem!
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    The firm Des Enjeux et Des Hommes joins the Ecocert Group to create a leading CSR consultancy division.
    The firm Des Enjeux et des Hommes, one of France's leading CSR consultancy firms, and the Ecocert Group are combining their expertise and teams to form a world-leading sustainable development and CSR consultancy division.
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    Post-Brexit news : Organic trade with the UK
    Find out the latest news to import or export products to the UK!
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  • Event • Agri-food • Organic farming
    Weed School for Organic Grower
    Getting the Most out of Every Acre Webinar Series Nov 4 - Dec 9, 2020 **Manitoba Organic Alliance**
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  • Event • Agriculture Biologique • Agriculture Durable • Agroalimentaire • Commerce équitable
    Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) Program
    Regenerative organic agriculture: What’s it all about? WEBINAR-SIAL CANADA
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  • Event • Agri-food • Sustainable agriculture
    Don’t miss the New Rainforest Alliance Certification Seal
    Rainforest Alliance certification helps farmers produce better crops, adapt to climate change, increase their productivity, and reduce costs.
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  • News • Agri-food • Organic farming
    COR - Organic Aquaculture Standard apply beginning January 15, 2021
    CFIA reminder concerning time frames for organic aquaculture.
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  • News • Organic Farming
    Great news for the European organic farming!
    The European Commission has decided to put organic farming at the centre of the European agricultural transition, and has set the target to 25% of organic land in Europe by 2030, as well as reducing the use of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030...
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    Welcome to the new Ecocert Canada website
    We are pleased to introduce you to our new website.
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    Our services during the coronavirus
    During the Covid-19 period, Ecocert group is taking measures to maintain its services, read the message from our CEO Philippe Thomazo
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  • News • Sustainable agriculture
    Ecocert now offers a new service: Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA)
    Ecocert can now perform audit for the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA), Developed by SAI Platform, a self-assessment questionnaire that covers all pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and business).
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  • News • Organic farming
    Ecocert Group acquiresNature’s International Certification Services
    Nature’s International Certification Services (NICS) is an organic certification agency based in Viroqua, Wisconsin, US.
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