Working towards sustainable practices

Ecocert Canada, a subsidiary of the Ecocert group, have and continue to assist stakeholders in the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices through certification, consulting and training services.

Committed for over 25 years to organic agriculture with Garantie Bio, Ecocert has become the benchmark for organic certification in Canada.

With more than 100 employees and its 4 offices across the country, Ecocert Canada offers first-rate service in French and English to many sectors :






Sustainable materials

What do we stand for? We strive to enable production processes that respect the environment, better management of available energy and of natural resources (water, air, soil fertility), socially responsible sectors, and better product quality and safety. All of these elements are essential to address today's economic, social and environmental challenges in order to build tomorrow's world.


Working together for a sustainable world

The world is changing, and along with it, so is the awareness of the impact we have on the planet. At this very moment, the preservation of biodiversity, climate change mitigation, the equitable distribution of resources and respect for the environment are major challenges for our society. Now more than ever, we are convinced of the need to improve our models.

The challenge is daunting, but we are convinced that everyone has a role to play if we are to overcome the situation. In order to take part, we first chose the path of certification. In seeking to promote sustainable models, we follow on from the principles advocated by organic farming. Through certification, but also by means of training and consulting, we help each player to analyse, strengthen and transform its practices.

"We are proud to have become, on the strength of our deep convictions, a major player in organic farming. All of our services are aimed at promoting and disseminating more environmentally and socially responsible practices throughout the world."

William Vidal, President of Ecocert

Being an agent for change

Through not only our businesses but also our daily actions, we strive to be proactive in favour of the environment, in accordance with our convictions. Our commitments are long-term and, because it is always possible to do better, in a continuous improvement mindset.

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of our carbon emissions offset every year


Trees planted by our employees in 2018

14 out of 17

UN Sustainable Development Goals addressed by our work

The headquarters of ECOCERT, a positive energy building!

Located in the region of Toulouse in the south of France, our flagship eco-building is the perfect symbol of our commitment. Built from natural and local materials like wood and straw, it also produces more eletric power than it other words, our building has positive energy!

81 000

clients assisted across the world

Promote and ensure sustainable practices

Since 1991, we have supported organisations that have a positive social and environmental impact. It is through certification, our core business, that we verify the compliance of a series of requirements defined in a standard.

In addition, in order to ensure that the practices we advocate are communicated and adopted by as many people as possible, we have developed new services: training and consulting.

81 000

clients assisted across the world

Through these activities, we seek to support any organisation in its progress initiative, while also enabling clients to gain recognition for their commitments.

The origins of our commitment



The organic farming movement: our pioneering spirit

Committed with consumers, doctors and teachers to defend a healthier and more environmentally friendly agricultural and agri-food system, a team of engineers gets involved in the drafting of French and European regulations- A visionary approach that will contribute to the growth of organic farming.


Creation of Ecocert: materialisation of an idea

The movement is launched... it is now a question of moving forward. In order to give it a larger scope, this same group creates Ecocert in 1991.


Creation of Garantie Bio

Garantie Bio, a Certification Body is created in Quebec. Quickly, Garantie Bio joins ECOCERT to allow its clients to access international markets more easily.


Launch of Ecocert Canada

To strengthen its capacity to manage the steady growth of the organic sector Garantie Bio becomes ECOCERT CANADA a subsidiary of the ECOCERT group


Diversification of our services and business sectors

Sharing know-how is key to supporting improvement initiatives. Fueled by this conviction that Ecocert Canada begins offering new services such as training and consulting, broadening our sphere of intervention in many sectors.

The strength of an international network

The challenges of sustainable development know no borders, which is why Ecocert works closely with you in more than 130 countries. Thanks to our offices all over the world, you benefit locally from the expertise of teams specialised in your sector, who are always ready to respond to your needs.