A story of conviction

The result of a great team effort carried out since March 2020 with the Bordeaux agency ODDS and our teams, we are proud to present our new video.

Produced to mark the Group's 30th anniversary, this corporate film highlights Ecocert's convictions since its creation, its positive impact within the industry, and its ambition to act for a sustainable world. It also calls for action, reminding us that commitment today is necessary to ensure the future of the generations to come. 

A film in our image

The diversity of the filming locations: in France, Madagascar, Chile and Turkey reflects our international dimension.

This film is above all an incredible human adventure made possible by all the people involved in this project. Several of our clients from different sectors (agriculture, food processing, cosmetics, textiles) agreed to open the doors of their farms, their fields, their factories or their companies for a filmed audit.

In total, nearly 100 people participated in the filming of our 30th anniversary, and we would like to thank them warmly!

We wish you an excellent viewing!

Discover the new Ecocert Group film !
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