Overview of the conventional home fragrance sector

According to a study by ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency), burning candles and incense in a home is a source of indoor pollution with the emission of certain molecules that can present health risks.

With the health crisis and the increase of time spent at home, consumers are looking for healthy, pleasant and soothing scents. They are turning to increasingly personalized products that evoke well-being and health.

What is the purpose of the Natural Home Fragrances label?

The labeling Candles and home fragrances of natural and organic origin is an Ecocert standard implemented since February 1st, 2019.

This labeling guarantees:

  • The use of renewable resources and ingredients of natural or organic origin
  • The implementation of production and processing processes that respect the environment
  • The absence of petrochemical ingredients
  • Transparency towards the consumer thanks to the exhaustiveness of the ingredients on the label and a guaranteed traceability throughout the value chain
  • An annual audit by an independent certification body to verify compliance with the requirements.

The standard defines 2 labels


  • Organic home fragrance
  • Organic candle

The criteria for obtaining the label:

  • At least 95% of plant ingredients and plant origin from Organic Agriculture (excluding alcohol).
  • At least 10% of the ingredients must be from Organic Agriculture.
  • The alcohol contained in the formulas must be organic


  • Home fragrance of natural origin
  • Candle of natural origin

For both labels, 100% of the total ingredients in the finished product must be of natural origin (except for alcohol denaturants)

ZOOM on the stage of verification of ingredients by Ecocert

  1. Manufacturers complete a questionnaire for each ingredient in the formula (origin, manufacturing processes, solvents, preservatives)
  2. Ecocert verifies that the ingredients comply with the specifications

Find the list of validated raw materials

  1. Ecocert validates the percentage of ingredients of natural origin and ensures the organic certification of ingredients listed as such on the label

Key figures - ECOCERT candles and home fragrances

There are 1,200 labeled products, including :

  • 36% essential oils
  • 30% room sprays
  • 8% candles
  • 6% incense
  • 2.4% of scented bouquets

More than 120 customers are involved in this demanding labeling process, 84% of which are in France.

Source: ADEME study synthesis

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