With consumers looking more and more to purchase online due to the coronavirus pandemic, helping them to identify sustainable businesses and products is more important than ever.

That’s why the Fair for Life certification is now highlighted on one of the world’s leading online retailers, Amazon, through its program “Climate Pledge Friendly’, designed to make it easier for customers to discover and shop on-line for more sustainable products.

Recognized as an effective tool to mitigate climate change, thanks to fair trade principles applied at each step of the supply chains, Fair for life has been selected by Amazon as one of the 31 recognized certifications included in the Climate Pledge Friendly program.

Fair for Life certified products already available on Amazon will now have the Climate Pledge Friendly tag added to the search results. Shoppers can do a targeted search for Climate Pledge Friendly products in order to easily identify products that meet sustainability standards, such as Fair for Life, and help preserve the natural world.

Marie Mercui, head of the CSR and Fair Trade department of ECOCERT says:

“We are excited to be part of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program thus highlighting the Fair for Life commitment of brands and enabling responsible shopping on-line. As it becomes easier to recognize and to buy fair trade certified products for consumers, it also means that in return producers can improve their livelihoods with decent working conditions and fair prices. They can put in place better practices that fight climate change, such as avoiding deforestation for agriculture. The more fair trade products are sold, the more trade becomes a driving force for positive and sustainable change benefiting people and their environment; that’s the Fair for Life vision since its creation.”

Fair for Life certified products are now easily identifiable on Amazon
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