Established in 29 countries around the world, Ecocert Group operates in more than 130 countries.

After many months of working remotely, the Group was keen to bring together all the subsidiary directors to enable new and old staff to meet, and to encourage exchange and sharing across borders, important values for a company that is expanding internationally.

The aim of the seminar is to align with the strategic priorities and this year's specific theme was about strengthening our impact to contribute to a sustainable world and improving our efficiency. We used the image of a crewed sailing race around the world to illustrate our challenges and teamwork

Firstly, what is GMM?

GMM is the acronym for Group Management Meeting. It brings together the various office managers and directors of subsidiaries from all the countries where ECOCERT is established. From Germany to Canada to Turkey... Each representative was there to be the spokesperson for their subsidiary.

The GMM is usually organized every two years at the headquarters in Isle Jourdain, in France. It was an opportunity to show the participants the new La Côme place and its various facilities, which have just been inaugurated. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the 30 years of ECOCERT at an international level.

Why Crewed Sailing?

This year, we wanted to illustrate the theme of the GMM with the image of a crewed sailing race around the world: eco-friendly and collective! Our ships, the subsidiaries, and their crews, have to sail according to a more or less clement weather, our external environment, while keeping the same course on the strategy

What are the objectives of the GMM 2022?

The GMM allows all participants to discuss about:

  • Corporate strategy
  • The external environment and its impact
  • Tactics to achieve our objectives
  • Feedback and good practices to share

This moment of exchange between collaborative workshops and conferences is always very appreciated.

These objectives are linked to Ecocert’s strategy :

  • Giving deep meaning to our decisions and actions
  • Engaging our stakeholders, customers, prospects, colleagues in a relationship of trust
  • Bring them, through information and our convictions, to be our partners for a more sustainable world

Meetings and not only?

Between the various meetings organized, the representatives of the subsidiaries were also able to take part in guided tours, team building, and discover the local tastes in an environment conducive to sharing. To encourage cohesion, meeting times were organized throughout the week.

What are the benefits of this meeting?

To answer this question, we asked 6 managers for their perspectives so that you can understand the importance of this week!

(Re)discover the feelings of six country leaders present at the GMM

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