Ecocert USA is pleased to announce our new partnership with Rainforest Alliance! The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working at the intersection of business, agriculture and forests. They aim to create a better future for people and nature by making responsible business the new normal. With a shared mission to act toward a more sustainable world, Ecocert USA and Rainforest Alliance understand that sustainability goes beyond environmental considerations and must be inclusive of social and economic factors.
To that end, Ecocert USA is proud to be an official auditor for the Rainforest Alliance Chain of Custody certification to ensure that farmers, workers, and forest communities are treated fairly at every link in the supply chain.
The Rainforest Alliance Certification Program is eligible for any product that was produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Farmers are evaluated against requirements in all three areas before awarding or renewing certification.
The Chain of Custody certification is a great way to communicate your company’s commitment to human rights and environmental sustainability to customers and potential customers.
We are thrilled to offer this important certification. Find out more about the Rainforest Alliance 2020 Certification Program!

Ecocert USA Announces Partnership with Rainforest Alliance
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