• 143,000

producers and workers benefit from the 'Fair for Life' program


Countries involved

  • 14.5

million euros development fund, invested thanks to the 'Fair for Life' program

The key practices of Fair Trade

Decent and safe working conditions throughout the supply chain

A fair purchase price superior to the market price, as well as a guaranteed minimum price

Environmentally friendly agricultural practices

Empowerment and autonomy of producers

Ecocert, supporting a fairer Trade

Consistent with Ecocert’s founding principles and history as a pioneer in organic farming certifications, Ecocert chose to go further by integrating the social and economic dimensions into its certification services. Fair For Life was thus created in 2006, a rigorous and reputed certification program through which Ecocert has become a key player in the international Fair Trade scene over the past 15 years.

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Our Fair For Life program is applicable to all operations in your sectors, from production to distribution. Fair For Life combines rigorous social, economic and environmental norms.

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You can also supplement your responsible strategies by having your sustainable practices certified, such as organic farming or CSR.

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Agri-food cooperative
Diagnosis prior to Fair For Life labelling
* Technical diagnosis within a cooperative with strong local involvement and committed to sustainable production * Analysis of practices within the cooperative, interviews and field visits to evaluate strengths and areas for improvement of the functioning of the cooperative * Training of the various departments (Production, Quality Assurance, Marketing) on the Fair For Life label * Synthesis report including the advice of fair trade experts.


Launch of products with the Fair For Life label
International cosmetics group
Assistance in monitoring a sustainability programme
* Guiding the group to achieve the objectives of its sustainability programme * Analysis of raw material production chains and definition of the best strategy for evaluating and monitoring social and environmental performance indicators (KPIs) * Support the implementation of multi-party contracts to ensure the commitment of all sector players towards a sustainable production and value distribution method.


39 performance indicators evaluated each year, assistance with the signing of 10 multi-party contracts
International cosmetics group
Creation of a third-party Evaluation tool
* Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the responsible sourcing programme for cosmetic raw materials and textile accessories * Development of an environmental and social assessment grid for the production chains of these raw materials and accessories * Carrying out assessments in 24 countries * Reporting and proposing action plans to further develop the production chains and improve impact.


32 production chains periodically evaluated since 2009
International NGO
Assistance in the promotion strategy of agricultural products
* Strategic analysis of the promotion scenarios for two processed agricultural products from Burkina Faso: cashew nuts and dried mango * Interviews with sector players and local authorities * Cost-benefit comparative analysis of possible quality signs: organic, geographical indications, fair trade, etc.


Preparation of an action and budget plan for each promotion scenario
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