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What is the purpose of GOFVB Certification?

GOFVB certification enables confirm the French identity of your beef products. GOFVB certification enables your beef product to be commercialised.

What are the key guarantees of GOFVB certification?

Ensure traceability and sustainability of French meat products.

For which category of products?

The GOFVB certification applies for the meat, by-products and processed products of cattle born, raised and slaughtered in France.

Who are the recipients of the certification?

The GOFVB certification is applicable to enterprises engaged in the division/processing/trading/distribution/retail of "Beef of French Origin".

How to get the CAIQ-GOFVB traceability label on your products?

Enterprises can apply to the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine to receive a traceability label after obtaining the GOFVB certification.