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What is the purpose of the GLOBALG.A.P. certification?

GLOBALG.A.P. certification allows companies to meet distributors' requirements in terms of quality, food safety and environmental practices.

The key guarantees of the GLOBAPG.A.P. certification :

GLOBALG.A.P. certification guarantees:

  • Food safety and traceability
  • Environment (including biodiversity)
  • Workers’ health, safety and welfare
  • Animal welfare
  • Includes Integrated Crop Management (ICM), Integrated Pest Control (IPC), Quality Management System (QMS), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
How to get this label the GLOBALG.A.P.?

The labelling by an independent and accredited certification body like Ecocert enables to validate the compliance of your activities according to GLOBALG.A.P. standard. To be certified, the applicant must comply with:

  • 100% of the applicable major requirements
  • 95% of the applicable minor requirements
For which category of products?

Crops Rules apply for:

  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Flowers and Ornamentals
  • Hop
Who can get certified GLOBALG.A.P. ?

Any producer of primary agricultural products covered by the GLOBALG.A.P. standard.

Scope of ECOCERT regarding GLOBALG.A.P. ?

ECOCERT provides certification services for:

  • Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard

the following Add-Ons modules :

  • GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice)
  • FSMA PSR (Food Safety Modernization Act)
  • SPRING (Sustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use)
  • Albert Heijn (Protocol for Residue Control)
  • GLOBALG.A.P. Plus
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Why choose Ecocert?

With nearly 30 years of experience for audit and certification of organic products in France and in more than 130 countries, Ecocert is the world's leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices.