The key practices of Food safety and quality

Product traceability

Proper hygiene and manufacturing practices

Supply chain transparency

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Ecocert, for a better food safety and quality

As a specialist in organic certification, Ecocert has been providing its expertise to agri-food stakeholders for nearly 30 years. We assist companies wishing to improve the management of their health risks in order to provide consumers with ever healthier, safer and more sustainable food.

A food safety expert to assist you anywhere in the world

You are a co-operative or a processor, a Very Small Enterprise, a SME or a subsidiary of an agri-food group?

You would like to ensure the quality of your products and access new markets?

Our experts assist you in more than 130 countries through the implementation and promotion of your food safety and quality strategy, by means of training, consulting, and certification services.

The Ecocert trademark benefits from the international recognition by professionals and the general public built upon its high requirements and the quality of its guarantees.

Our internationally recognized standards ensure the quality and safety of your products while protecting your reputation.

You can also supplement your responsible strategies by having your sustainable practices certified, such as organic farming, fair trade, and CSR.

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Our training program: sharing our expertise

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INTERNAL AUDIT: mastering methods and techniques

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FOOD FRAUD : building up a system against fraud

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IFS « International Featured standard » : mastering and interpreting the requirements

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Our training program: sharing our know-how

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Assistance in the implementation of common certification and accreditation procedures

As part of the ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program (AADCP)

  • Analysis of existing certification systems for Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) in each ASEAN member state (10 countries)
  • Development of tools for a coordinated implementation and application of the ASEAN GAP standard by competent authorities, auditors, producers and consumers.


Creation of certification and accreditation manuals to be applied by all ASEAN member states.
Beverage specialty stores
Tools development to promote the quality system
  • Diagnosis with advice to promote the quality system
  • Training of teams to raise their awareness of the approach implementation
  • Preparation of a charter setting out the main principles of the quality approach.


Creation of risk analysis and quality system monitoring tools
Agri-food SME, France
Guidance of the "Food safety culture" implementation
  • Definition and implementation of Food Safety Culture Identification of challenges in line with the strategy of the general management
  • Goal setting and participatory development of the action plan
  • Operational rollout of the Food Safety Culture project


Definition of a Food Safety Culture policy and rollout of tools to facilitate the process
Agri-food SME, France
Technical diagnosis towards IFS certification of a production line
  • Analysis of the business practices of a company specialised in fruit processing
  • Interviews with various departments (Purchasing, Production, Quality Assurance, etc.)
  • Diagnosis on the field of the industrial site
  • Training of technical teams on the regulations and advice on the processes to be implemented in order to facilitate the launch of an IFS production line
  • Preparation of a report that includes a corrective action plan to be implemented in order to obtain certification.


Launch of an IFS fruit processing and packaging line.
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