Acting for a sustainable materials sector

Integrate environmental protection at every stage of production

Favoring an eco-design approach to products and the implementation of a circular economy promoting reuse and recycling.

Securing the industry in the face of a complex supply chain

Guaranteeing the traceability and transparency of raw materials right through to the consumer, the origin of recycled raw materials, and controlling environmental and social risks.

Develop socially responsible supply chains

Enabling safe and dignified working conditions, fair prices and ethical, long-term commercial relationships.

Ecocert, committed to sustainable materials

Convinced of the impact of materials, particularly plastics, on environmental pollution, we encourage the reuse of packaging and the recycling of materials. We have a local presence in the main producing countries, responding to the demands of an increasingly international industry.

Our Materials expertise at your service around the world

Are you a manufacturer of materials or finished products based on materials, a brand owner, importer, exporter or distributor? Would you like to adopt more demanding social and environmental practices?

Our experts can help you implement and promote sustainable practices through advice, training and certification in over 130 countries.

Ecocert is the benchmark for ecological and organic labelling.

To control your risks and commit you to a progress approach, Ecocert offers recognised standards for more sustainable materials, Fair Trade and CSR. Our solutions can be implemented independently of each other, or combined, as part of an overall responsible business approach.

Our certifications: assurance for your commitments

Are you looking for a sustainable materials certification?

Unser Trainingsprogramm: Wir teilen unser Fachwissen

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Corporate social responsibility: from theoretical principles to concrete corporate practice

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Manufacturing GRS-certified products and raw materials

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Committing to GRS certification as a brand or distributor

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Fair Trade

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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