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What is the purpose of "Sustainable wellbeing center" label ?

"Sustainable wellbeing center" label allows establishments to commit to an environmental approach in which products, services, equipment and management are respectful of our planet and people.

The key guarantees of "Sustainable wellbeing center" label :
  • Responsible management of natural resources

  • The use of natural, organic, ecological or recycled certified cosmetics, hair care products, textiles and detergents

  • The use of recycled accessories and materials that are more environmentally friendly

  • Respectful practices towards the staff of the establishment

How to get the label ?

Certification by an independent certification body, such as Ecocert, allows the use "Sustainable wellbeing center" label.

Who can apply to get "Sustainable wellbeing center" label ?

Managers, owners and brands of spas, thermal baths and thalassotherapy centres, sports and fitness centres, hair salons and barber shops can apply for this "Sustainable wellbeing center" label.

Why choose Ecocert ?

For over 30 years of experience for audit and certification of organic products in France and in more than 130 countries, Ecocert is the world's leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices.