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What is the purpose of the China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019?

The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 enables your organic products to be commercialized as organic in mainland China and Hong Kong.

What are the key guarantees of China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 certified products?

The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 certification guarantees:

  • climate and environment protection

  • conservation of soil fertility

  • absence of environmental pollution (air, water & soil)

  • respect of natural cycles and animal welfare

  • absence of use of chemical and synthetic products,

  • absence of GMO

  • presence of a strict organic management system

  • transparent labelling for consumers & full product traceability

For which category of products ?

The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 certification applies to all agricultural raw materials and food products included in an official product list named the GB Organic Products Certification Catalogue, available upon request. Please contact ECOCERT for more information.

Who are the recipients of this organic certification?

The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 certification is intended for farmers, producers, processors, distributors, importers, exporters and any other stakeholder of the agri-food sector that intends to export organic products to China.

Why choose Ecocert?

With nearly 30 years of experience for audit and certification of organic products in France and in more than 130 countries, Ecocert is the world's leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices.

Focus on the China Organic Standard certification service at ECOCERT

Our international presence enables us to offer this certification on all continents, with local ECOCERT collaborators in your country/region qualified to carry out audit & certification against the China Organic Standard. Please contact ECOCERT for more information.

How to get the China Organic Standard label on your products?

In order to obtain the China Organic Standard and the mention "有机organic" on your products destined to the Chinese market, your products must be certified by a certification body approved by the competent authorities in China (CNCA/CNAS) like ECOCERT China – to attest their compliance to the national regulations.

What are the specific requirements of the China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019?

China Organic Standard main differences compared to major international standards:

  • the whole supply chain must be certified against the China Organic Standard (from raw materials to final products)

  • for agricultural products, the audit must be performed BEFORE/DURING the harvest so that the products can be seen and sampled by the auditor

  • quality manual & organic management system documents must be provided to ECOCERT before the audit

  • once the certificate is issued:

    • ECOCERT will issue unique anti-fake labels with a QR code to be pasted on your products packaging, ensuring full traceability for the consumers

    • your company’s organic product information will be available on a national official website for food certification destined to the final consumers in China