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What is the purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility label?

The label allows you to highlight and authenticate your company or organisation as an ECORESPONSIBLE leader.

What are the key guarantees of Ecoresponsible Program?

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CID) label guarantees:

  • Strategic ecoresponsible planning approach

  • Diagnostic of overall performance

  • Ecoresponsible strategic plan

  • Sustainable development charter

  • Communication with stakeholders

  • Implementing an ecoresponsible plan and reporting on progression

How to get this label on your products?

A certified company may use the logo of the program that corresponds to the level achieved in internal and external communications about the company.

Ecocert Canada offers you the guarantee of your approach according to the following specifications programs:

  • The ECORESPONSIBLE Certification with 4 progress levels: Certification to address the needs of organizations looking to progressively implement ECORESPONSIBLE practices. These changes will allow them to improve their overall performance, be it economic, environmental, social or pertaining to governance.

  • ECORESPONSIBLE Attestation – Ecodesigned Packaging or Product: Attestations program which aims to recognize ecodesign approaches adopted by businesses for their development, packaging and product manufacturing, and environmental properties.

For which category of products?

The CID label applies to all sectors of activity of our economy.

Who are the recipients of this certification?

Certified businesses lead the way in understanding the impacts of their activities, reducing their environmental footprint and improving their value chain. They aim to find the right balance between creating value and the sustainability of global socioenvironmental systems.

Why choose Ecocert?

With over 25 years of experience for audit and certification of organic products in CANADA, Ecocert is the specialist in the certification of sustainable practices