What is the purpose of the certification FSC®?

Certification enables the promotion of your responsible forest management and the commercialization of wood-based products from certified forests.

The essentials

There are two types of certification:

  1. Forest management certification: to guarantee the application of principles and compliance with social, economic and ecological criteria in the forest.

  2. Chain of Custody Certification: ensuring the traceability of wood and wood-based materials and products throughout the processing and marketing process, from the certified forest to the final consumer.

These services are offered in partnership with ECOCERT CH, a subsidiary of the group accredited for FSC® certification (FSC-ACC-006).

For which category of products?

All wood and non-wood products from FSC® certified forests: wood, fibres, pulp, paper, cardboard, textile, cork, bamboo...

Who can get certified FSC®?
  • Forest owners and managers

  • Any company wishing to sell certified products: producers, processors, traders, merchants, printers ...

Why choose Ecocert?

  • Forest specialist with more than 20 years of experience in certification and verification of projects in the world's major forest areas: Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia

  • A network of auditors in France and abroad, experts in your field and close to you.

List of certified organizations

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