COSMOS (COSmetics Organic Standard) is a certification recognized worldwide to guarantee natural and organic cosmetics with criteria respectful of Man and the environment. To identify it, consumers can find the feature COSMOS Natural or COSMOS Organic on their certified cosmetics.

In a few words, a COSMOS certified beauty product is :

  • A cosmetic composed of ingredients of natural or organic origin
  • The guarantee of the absence of GMOs and petrochemical ingredients (except for a restrictive list of essential ingredients)
  • A beauty product with a recyclable packaging
  • A cosmetic for which every step from the raw materials to the finished product complies with strict environmental criteria.

This standard, created in 2011 by 5 expert bodies in the field including Ecocert, allows standardizing organic and natural cosmetics practices in the world.


  • More than 20000 Cosmos certified products at the end of 2020 on the 5 continents
  • COSMOS is the most used label in the world for organic and natural cosmetics
  • 66% of the COSMOS products and raw materials are certified by Ecocert

🌸 Ecocert for committed beauty Since 2002, Ecocert has been committed to responsible cosmetics, convinced that the impact of products on the environment and health could be improved. For nearly 20 years, the group assists companies which get involved in this approach by offering the Ecocert cosmetic certification and the COSMOS certification, mandatory since 2017. Ecocert chose COSMOS in order to have a unique international standard dedicated to organic and natural cosmetics.

📢Demanding labels for natural and organic cosmetics To decrypt the label of a certified natural or organic cosmetic product, each consumer has access to the following information:

  • The percentage of natural origin ingredients
  • The percentage of organic ingredients
  • The name of the certifier organizer
  • The level of labeling is either COSMOS NATURAL or COSMOS ORGANIC.

🍃COSMOS encourages sustainable practices in the cosmetic industry “The cosmetics industry is facing one of its biggest challenges. We have never been so demanding with beauty products! Ingredients of natural or organic origin, formulas and manufacturing processes that are good for our health and for the planet, recyclable packaging... Ecocert and COSMOS certifications provide good benchmarks, with clear labelling that helps players throughout the chain to identify and adopt good practices.“ Esther Alonzo, Auditor, Ecocert Spain

👀COSMOS brings strong guarantees to consumers During the COSMOS certification, all the production steps are checked by an independent certifying body such as ECOCERT: ingredients, formula, packaging, labelling, waste management, etc. At each stage, practices must comply with the requirements of the COSMOS standard. During the audit, traceability and quality systems are evaluated in compliance with the COSMOS standard.
Discover here the Ecocert certification process The cosmetics natural and organic Ecocert certification is a pledge of trust for the consumer.

💡COSMOS is evolving The COSMOS specifications are regularly reviewed in order to update it according to innovations and scientific advances in the cosmetic sector. Version 4 of the standard is planned for 2022/2023.

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