Act for a more sustainable forestry sector

Integrate environment protection

Preservation of biodiversity, soil and water protection, prevention of natural risks (fires, erosion, storms), better management of natural resources, sustainable tourism

Ensure the development of socially responsible sectors

Enabling safe working conditions, consulting communities, promoting local employment, and securing sales.

Safeguard the sector to cope with the complexity of the supply chain

Respecting the production capacity of the forest, ensuring wood traceability, sustainable management of forests and the transparency of all players involved until reaching consumers.

Ecocert, committed to sustainable forest management

Ecocert in the fight against climate change has been mobilised for more than 30 years for the implementation of good agricultural practices with its proven experience in forests, and involvement in carbon-credit-generating forest projects.

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Internationally recognized brands as quality labels for your products from sustainably managed forests

Ecocert offers standards not only for the fight against climate change but also Fair Trade or Corporate Social Responsibility. Our solutions may be implemented independantly or combined within the frame of a general company responsible policy.

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Corporate foundation
Assessment of funding requests for Forest-Climate projects
* Creation of frameworks for funding requests * Implementation of didactic support materials and a project evaluation * Development of a credible and pragmatic evaluation system to support the funding decisions of the foundation for Forest-Climate projects (reforestation, carbon offset, etc.).


Comprehensive project analysis tool to improve the reliability of funding decisions
Forestry group
Preparation of technical specifications
* Identification of the local stakeholders * Modification of the FSC standard in partnership with FSC France to adapt the FSC standard to New Caledonia * Creation and organisation of workshops to assist in the preparation of the technical specifications * Definition and preparation of inspection criteria and indicators * Coordination of the validation process with FSC International.


FSC recognition at the national level
Analysis of carbon offset market trends in the agri-food sector
* Mapping the landscape of the players involved in the carbon offset market (regulatory bodies, private companies, label owners, etc.) * Document review of existing methodologies and trends * Interviews with the various sector players to analyse strengths and weaknesses of the established evaluation and promotion systems.


In progress
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Biodiversity and climate change

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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