Private Inspection

Private inspection is a voluntary process. Any entity conducting a business for which a private standard exists may ask to have its products or services certified by Ecocert. Certification is awarded for a limited period, during which the inspecting body carries out monitoring.

Third party inspections

The third party inspection offered by Ecocert is a service applicable to all types of businesses. An organisation, opting to adhere to its own specification to differentiate itself on the market, needs to be inspected by an independent third-party body. On the strength of its experience, Ecocert delivers this third-party inspection service to any organisation having a specification that includes measurable environmental criteria more stringent than current practices.

In concrete terms, Ecocert draws up an appropriate inspection plan, then carries out the inspections, audits and analyses. Depending on the conclusions of the audit report, Ecocert may issue compliance certificates.


Private standards created by Ecocert

Ecocert, a certification body creating innovative standards.

Ecocert has acquired a unique skill set enabling it to develop standards with extremely rigorous environmental and social criteria. These specifications attest to Ecocert's capacity for innovation. Ecocert draws up each standard in conjunction with representatives from the sectors concerned - professionals, consumers and users.

Since 2000, Ecocert has encouraged the rise of new business trends by developing the following private standards:

  • EFT (Ecocert Fair Trade) : economically and socially responsible organic fair trade products.
  • Natural cleaning products.
  • Natural and organic home perfumes.
  • Inputs eligible for use in organic farming.
  • Eve® (Ecological green spaces).
  • Environmentally friendly production of aquatic plants and their processing (Spirulina dietary supplement). 

Recognising a product or system inspected by Ecocert:

Ecocert conducts on-site inspections and issues certificates of compliance with its standards. Operators may showcase this process by using the recognised labels made available by Ecocert:

  • The wording: "Ecocert approved"
  • Ecocert inspection logo.