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What is the purpose of Rich-selenium Product Certification?

Rich-selenium Product certification enables confirm the selenium contained in your rich-selenium product comes the selenium absorbed and transformed by living organisms. Rich-selenium Product certification enables your rich-selenium product to be commercialised.

What are the key guarantees of Rich-selenium Product certification?

- Biological absorption and transformation of selenium.

- The operation of selenium supplementation during the production of animals and plants should be scientific.

- No selenium nutrient fortification of any kind should be used after the harvest of agricultural products and during the processing of the products.

- Establish and effectively implement a traceability system to maintain the traceability of the whole production process of rich-selenium products.

- Label the packaging of certified products with the selenium content of the product and the recommended daily intake of selenium for adults to remind consumers of scientific selenium supplementation and responsible production and consumption.

For which category of products?

The Rich-selenium Product certification applies for natural rich-selenium agricultural product, fortified rich-selenium agricultural products, and processed rich-selenium food processed with rich-selenium agricultural products.

Who are the recipients of the certification?

The Rich-selenium Product certification is applicable to enterprises or individuals engaged in the production of rich-selenium agricultural products, rich-selenium food processing, rich-selenium products business.

How to get the Rich-selenium Product label on your products?

- A Rich-selenium Product certification audit is conducted by ECOCERT to verify that your activities meet the certification requirements.

- After enterprises obtain the certification, they should apply for approval from ECOCERT before using the Rich-selenium Product certification mark.

- After enterprises obtain the certification, they can apply for the Rich-selenium product traceability code from ECOCERT.

Which selenium nutritional fortifier can be used?

-The planting process allows use sodium selenite, selenium amino acids, nano-selenium or organic fertilizer prepared from biological residues and waste from selenium-enriched production, and shall set a certain period of safety interval.

-The farming process allows use selenium nutrient fortifier which is in compliance with the requirements of "Feed Additive Safety Use Specifications" of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

-The processing process shall not use any kind of selenium nutrient fortifier.