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What is the purpose of Climate Neutral Certification Standard ?

The Climate Neutral Certification label recognizes companies that contribute to the carbon neutrality.

Key Guarantees of CNG
  • A pragmatic approach to contribute to international CO2 reduction targets in line with the Paris Agreement and global fight against climate change

  • Certified companies receive annual independent audit to monitor if annual reductions targets have been achieved

  • Only credits that meet the highest standards (Gold Standard or VCS) are used for offsetting residual emissions

  • Continuous improvement through a Plan Do Check Act approach on reduction plans and activities

Who can apply for this certification?

Medium-sized (at least 1000 tons CO2 emissions in scope 1, 2 or 3) and large companies from both food and non-food industries and several types of products and services can be certified.

The Climate Neutral Certification program is applicable to three certification scopes:

  • organization

  • product

  • service

What are the key steps to obtain the " Climate Neutral Certification label "?

To obtain the label of contribution towards carbon neutrality, 5 steps are necessary

  1. Calculate your carbon footprint: organization, product or service

  2. Define the annual reduction target to be achieved and develop a feasible reduction plan

  3. Offset remaining emissions

  4. Become certified via an audit by an independent certification body such as Ecocert

  5. Communicate with the 'Climate neutral certified' label on or off-pack

Why choose Ecocert

30 years of experience in auditing and certification in sectors with high climate challenges: agriculture, forestry and environmental management.

An international network of auditors specialized in management systems and carbon footprint assessment.

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