FIBL, the research institute for organic agriculture, has published its latest figures (FIBL 2021): 72.3 million hectares in the world are devoted to organic farming! Here are the key figures to remember:

  • The number of organic farmlands in 2019 in the world increased by 1.6% and in Europe by 5.8%.
  • The organic food market in the world has grown by 8% in the world and 13.4% in Europe!
  • The number of organic producers in the world is 3.1 million! India is in first place with 1,366,226 organic producers. In Europe, organic producers and processors are also booming compared to 2018, i.e. +2.8% and +5.9%.

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Other figures FIBL 2021

Key figures of organic agriculture in the world 🌍
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