With fewer pesticides and more favourable compositions, several studies demonstrate the relationship between organic food and the reduction of metabolic disorders.

Générations futures has published several results of these studies, here are the key figures to remember:

  • Fewer pesticides The rate of food with at least one pesticide residue corresponds to 44% in conventional food compared to only 6.5% in organic food (source: EFSA 2018).

  • Fewer diabetes According to the Kesse-Guyot2017 study, eating organic could reduce the risks of overweight by 23% and obesity by 31%!

  • Fewer cancers According to the Baudry 2018b study, an organic diet would reduce the overall risk of cancer by 25%. -Breast cancer: 33% risk reduction -Lymphoma: 76% risk reduction -NHL (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: immune system): 86% risk reduction

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