Sustainable Wellbeing" combines personal wellbeing with respect for the environment, staff and customers. At a time when our health, that of the planet and social fulfillment are closely linked, acting responsibly has become crucial.

The "Sustainable Wellbeing Center" label highlights places committed to this approach. In a world where our choices have a real impact, this label guides us towards establishments that make a sustainable contribution to our environment and society. It's a real tool for structuring a CSR approach and implementing more sustainable practices within your establishment.

Sector overview

Modern society is increasingly attentive to environmental and social issues, calling into question traditional consumer practices. This trend is also reflected in lesser-known sectors such as wellness.

Some *70% of consumers want brands to adopt a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, offering "clean" products and using natural ingredients. Their favorite institutes, salons, spas and gyms are no exception. This growing demand testifies to a significant evolution in their expectations: they now aspire to experiences that are not limited solely to their own well-being, but also incorporate values of sustainability and respect for the environment**.

It is in this context that Ecocert, as a major player in the certification of sustainable practices, has decided to position itself as an international leader. In 2023, we have announced the launch of a label specifically dedicated to the above-mentioned establishments. This initiative marks an important step forward in our commitment to promoting practices that respect the environment and people in all sectors.

What is the "Sustainable Wellbeing Center" label?

This label recognizes establishments committed to an environmental approach in which products, services, equipment and management are respectful of our planet and people.

This label guarantees :

  • Responsible management of natural resources and a reduced ecological footprint

  • The use of certified natural, organic, ecological or recycled products

  • Respectful practices for the establishment's staff, promoting better quality of work and respect for social rights

This label demonstrates the commitment of establishments while offering consumers a guarantee of transparency and reliability with regard to the sustainable practices of the establishments they visit.

3 levels of commitment

The label offers three levels of certification, adapted to the different stages of commitment of establishments to sustainability. These levels function as stages in an evolutionary journey, encouraging and rewarding not only the efforts already made, but also the implementation of new actions in favor of sustainable well-being.

Level 1: Commitment to the process

Level 2: Confirmation of the effort made

Level 3: Exemplary center

Why have your establishment certified by Ecocert?

Firstly, it's official recognition of the commitment of the establishment and its employees to sustainable practices. It provides a tangible means of proving to customers and partners the actions implemented. Secondly, it facilitates communication around the establishment's values, helping it to stand out in a market that is increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable development. Finally, the labeling process encourages continuous improvement, guiding you towards ever more virtuous and innovative practices. In short, Ecocert certification is a further step towards excellence in well-being, both for our customers and for our planet.

In this way, the Sustainable Wellbeing Center standard represents a concrete response to customers' expectations in terms of sustainability in the sector. By placing environmental and ethical values at the heart of our approach, we are helping to shape a future where well-being and sustainability go hand in hand.

*Source: Meet the 2020 consumers driving change - Why brands must deliver on omnipresence, agility, and sustainability

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