Transitions, a sustainable development consultancy agency, is joining the Ecocert Group, world leader in organic certification and operational support towards sustainability.The arrival of Transitions strengthens the Consulting and Training Division of Ecocert, which includes the subsidiary Des Enjeux et des Hommes.

Transitions and Ecocert share strong values and a common ambition: to accelerate the transformation of production and consumption systems, and territorial organisation in order to provide support with the necessary evolutions and promote more sustainable development models

Ecocert has been involved in the development of organic agriculture since 1991, building the heart of its activities, the certification of sustainable practices. Ecocert wanted to extend its sphere of expertise in order to provide support to private or public sector companies and public institutions for their ecological and societal progress initiatives. Thus, in 2014 Ecocert created a consulting subsidiary, named Ecocert Expert Consulting that is now Des Enjeux et des Hommes since 2020.

The goal of bringing Transitions into the Group is to strengthen the Consulting and Training Division of Ecocert, independent of the Group’s certification activities, by strengthening three fields of intervention: the transformation of practices and supply chains, the environmental transition of territories and public organisations, and the acceleration of changes in agriculture and food. Transitions is also recognised for its expertise in designing and facilitating stakeholder dialogue between economic and civil society organisations, nationally and internationally. This expertise will complement those developed by Des Enjeux et des Hommes, which supports organisations in formulating their CSR strategy and their Company Purpose.

The Ecocert Consulting and Training Division, now composed of Des Enjeux et des Hommes and Transitions, employs almost 70 consultants.

The division’s ambition is to offer comprehensive and customised support to organisations (companies, NGOs, local and regional authorities, professional and public organisations), from formulating their Company Purpose to building a sustainable development and transformation strategy, until its operational implementation in France and abroad.

Agnès Rambaud-Paquin, director of the Ecocert Group’s Consulting and Training Division, says: “The crisis we are going through, revealing the fragility of current economic models, underlines the urgency of the transformations we must carry out. Ecocert’s ambition is to act for a sustainable world, through three services: certification, training and consulting. The arrival of Transitions strengthens our plan to create a leading Consulting and Training Division. Its team’s skills, complementing those of Des Enjeux et des Hommes, allow us to widen our services in order to offer more universal and systemic approaches. We are happy to meet around a shared vision of how our work should be carried out: customised, with professionalism and commitment.”

Bruno Rebelle, who is remaining the general director of Transitions, declared: “I am very pleased with this merger with Ecocert which will allow us to extend our team’s 10 year long dedication and reinforce our ability to provide support, in favour of ecological and societal transitions, the need for which is more and more resolute. This integration into the Ecocert Group is totally coherent with the activities developed by Transitions in France and internationally, at the service of stakeholders who sincerely commit to changing their practices, their organisation and their strategy. This new page being turned brings us particular enthusiasm as it will allow us to link up our knowledge with our colleagues at Des Enjeux et des Hommes, in order to enrich our consulting practice, meaning a stronger impact of our missions! ”

ABOUT TRANSITIONS Since 2011, Transitions has been supporting local and regional authorities, professional and public organisations, companies, and NGOs in the design and implementation of strategies to transform production and consumption practices and the organisation of territories, in order to move towards more sustainable, inclusive and supportive models. Today, Transitions employs over 30 consultants and has a turnover of around €3 million. To find out more:

Transitions, a sustainable development consultancy agency, joins Ecocert
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