GOTS CERTIFICATION Gobal Organic Textile Standard is a globally recognized certification to guarantee organic textiles with environmentally friendly criteria and working conditions along the entire supply chain. Indeed, the processing, manufacture, packaging, labeling, sale and distribution of all textiles made of 70% organic natural fibres are controlled and then certified.

KEY FIGURES : ECOCERT x GOTS ➕ than 3,000 audits carried out per year in 57 countries
➕ than 500,000 workers employed in companies certified GOTS by ECOCERT.
ECOCERT has been a reference since 30 years for the certification of ecological products, a brand recognized by consumers and an international presence in the main producing countries. So, ECOCERT has been certifying according to GOTS since 2009 .


  1. Soil protection: 2nd most polluting industry in the world after oil
  2. Regulation of chemicals: 20% of water pollution comes from the dyeing of clothes and the treatment of textiles.
  3. Respect for the environment: 1.2 billion ton of greenhouse gases are released.
  4. Reduction of plastics: 500,000 tonnes of microparticles pollute the oceans. It’s equal to 50 billion plastic bottles per year.

Sources : ADEME ; Natura Sciences


🌍 GOTS works for more environmentally and humanly sustainable textiles thanks to strict international standards!

  • Safety is respected: no dangerous chemicals are used that could lead to cancer or other diseases.
  • Waste water treatment and energy management are considered.
  • Working conditions are safe, without discrimination, forced and child labour.
  • Traceability of raw materials and product safety are key points of the label.
  • GOTS can request laboratory tests from controlled companies that prove that there are no traces of GMOs, pesticides or toxic products in the DNA of the cotton.

📢GOTS is accessible to everyone! Developed on two levels, GOTS offers the opportunity for the greatest number of people to change their habits:

  1. Organic Textile: Textile with ➕ than 95% certified organic fibres and ➖ than 5% artificial or synthetic fibres.
  2. Textile based on organic fibres: textile with ➕ than 70% certified organic fibres and ➖ than 30% non-organic fibres of which no more than 10% are synthetics =Producers, processors, manufacturers of products made of fibres, wools, fabrics, clothing and furnishing fabrics, all can claim GOTS!

👀GOTS provides solid and controlled guarantees! As a certification body, Ecocert delivers certifications in complete independence and impartiality.

1 mandatory audit per year is carried out: the auditor goes on site to check whether all the rules to which the supply chain players have voluntarily committed themselves are being respected. There may also be surprise audits to ensure transparency for consumers.

A public database makes it possible to check whether a company has GOTS certification thanks to its name, the reference of the certification body and its licence number.

💡 GOTS makes regular updates! International Association Natural Textile Industry, Soil Association, Organic Trade Association and Japan Organic Coton Association form the decision-making committee.
Changes in social and ecological requirements are regularly taken into account as shown in the latest version of the GOTS 6.0 label. The GOTS standard is updated every 3 years to take into account improvements in the textile industry's practices and consumers' guarantee requirements.

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