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AIM: Accompany a client portfolio throughout the year. Ensure a smooth delivery of the service while being a link between the internal and the external sides.

  •    Accompany the client throughout the year
  • -          Inform the client about the certification schemes he is interested in and answer related questions
    -          Inform the client about Ecocert certification process and tools and answer related questions
    -          Follow up internally on client requests and on the clients certification process to ensure a good quality of service
    -          Explain Ecocert requests to the client and provide the relevant support. Communicate some of the Ecocert requests
    -          Refer the client or its requests to the appropriate internal resource based on its needs
    -          Process complaints, involve the necessary resources internally and ensure follow up 
  •  Proceed with renewals
  • -          Inform the client about the renewal process, required actions and associated deadlines
    -          Issue renewal quotation if required
    -          Issue invoice order and communicate invoice
    -          Support to collect receivables 
  • Process changes requests
    -          Gather and process changes requests from the clients
    -          Communicates changes to relevant staff internally where necessary and ensure follow-up
    -          Issue additional quotation and invoices order if necessary 
  • Audit follow up 
  • -          Follow-up with the client to ensure receipt of necessary corrective action and/or evidence.
    -          Process corrective actions/evidences or allocate internally if evaluation competence is required. 


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetics, Chemistry, Food Technology, or related fields. 
  • Experience : 1+ years of working in customer experience, client success within cosmetics, pharma or food sectors. 
  • Behavioural skills:
    - Global vision and professional judgement
    - Courage and decision making
    - Agility and Adaptability
    - Communication and interpersonal skills
    - Proactivity and creativity
    - Diligence
    - Organisation and anticipation
  • Remuneration: As per industry standards
  • Type of contract: Full time or contract

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