What is the purpose of IFS certification?

The IFS Food standard is one of the main standards recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), which is an international working group composed of retailers, manufacturers and certification bodies.

In a few words, IFS Food certification guarantees:

  • A secure traceability of the production/processing/distribution chain
  • Good hygiene and manufacturing practices
  • A conformity of the products, without food fraud
  • A well mastered HACCP¹ method

¹Risk analysis in the agri-food sector

Key figures Ecocert x IFS Food

1700 IFS certifications issued in France. Ecocert it is:

  • 250 companies certified in France, representing 10% of the market
  • No. 1 on the wine market in France
  • No. 1 in Tunisia, present in many countries (Iceland, Belgium, Italy, Reunion, Bahamas, Canada, Algeria, Morocco, Madagascar, Ireland, Ecuador, Colombia)

To date, Ecocert is one of the leaders in IFS certification in France thanks to its network of auditors (15 qualified auditors in different product sectors).

Several IFS standards with distinct objectives certified by Ecocert

  • IFS Logistics: Ensure confidence throughout the supply chain
  • IFS Broker: Guarantee the quality and safety of products by creating a link between production and distribution
  • IFS Food: Attesting to the quality and safety of food companies' processes and products
  • IFS Global Markets Food: Evaluating the management system to contribute to a continuous improvement

Discover all the IFS standards

ZOOM on IFS Global Markets FOOD

IFS global markets food is the way to an efficient food safety management system. Many retailers and business partners recognize this program as a starting point for the referencing of their suppliers.

The objective is to support small and medium sized companies in their development of management systems and food safety management, moving gradually and step by step towards IFS Food certification.

The IFS Global Markets Food program is expanding rapidly. To date, 30 sites are certified in France, including 17 by Ecocert! In particular, it allows to :

  • Facilitate access to desired markets
  • Demonstrate compliance with business standards
  • Strengthen consumer confidence

This program is not subject to accreditation, which implies a more affordable rate. However, it allows you to be visible on the IFS portal as IFS Food certified sites.

Why should you choose ECOCERT for your IFS certification?

Ecocert, an expert in organic certification, has been providing its know-how to the food industry for over 30 years. It supports companies wishing to control health risks in order to provide consumers with healthier, safer and more sustainable food.

Ecocert is also a French organization, on a human scale, whose headquarters are located in the Gers.

In view of current events (listeria/salmonella problems), the role of third party certification on food quality and safety is becoming very important.

You can complement your IFS certification with organic, fair trade or CSR labels in order to be part of a truly responsible approach.

IFS makes regular updates

IFS Food version 8 is currently being revised to comply with the new Codex Alimentarius and the future ISO 22003-2 standard. More information about IFS Food version 8 here

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