WHAT IS China Organic Standard ?

The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630-2019 enables your organic products to be commercialized as organic in mainland China and Hong Kong.

The China Organic Standard GB/T 19630 guarantees to consumers:

  • climate and environment protection
  • conservation of soil fertility
  • absence of environmental pollution (air, water & soil)
  • respect of natural cycles and animal welfare
  • absence of use of chemical and synthetic products
  • absence of GMO
  • presence of a strict organic management system
  • transparent labelling for consumers & full product traceability

💡 DID YOU KNOW? Carbon neutrality goal in China before 2060

China has been committed to building an "ecological civilization" for the past ten years, with a goal of carbon neutrality for the country before 2060. With this initiative, there is a growing demand for more ecological, safe and quality products in China as well as a strong interest in imported organic products.

KEY FIGURES for the organic Chinese market

  • The Chinese organic market has been increasing at an average rate of 17.2% per year since 2013 and is set to continue growing beyond 10% per year in the next five years
  • China was ranked the 4th organic market in the world in 2019, analysts predict China to become one of the world’s very top organic market in the future.
  • As of 2019, China has 2.34M ha of certified organic surface and the market has a trade value of 67,8 Bn RMB (= 9 €Bn). The major categories of certified organic products are cereals, dairy products and alcoholic products.


ECOCERT is accredited by the CNAS & CNCA to offer the GB/T 19630-2019 certification worldwide. Thanks to our global network, ECOCERT can provide you with a comprehensive, localized service with qualified China Organic auditors available in your region. It is also possible to combine the GB/T 19630-2019 audit with your other certifications (EU, NOP…).

For more information about the China Organic Standard, please contact ECOCERT China or click here: Organic agriculture certification and label in China | Ecocert

Sources: https://globalorganictrade.com/country/china annual joint report from State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) China Agricultural University food.cnca.cn

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