Rainforest Alliance certification helps farmers produce better crops, adapt to climate change, increase their productivity, and reduce costs. These benefits provide companies with a steady and secured supply of certified products. Sourcing Rainforest Alliance Certified products also helps businesses meet consumer expectations and safeguard their brand’s credibility.

The Rainforest Alliance 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standard is the result of the merger of the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ in 2018.

According to this merger, a new seal came up. Beginning September 1, 2020, the new seal can be used on product packaging and other promotional materials. The new seal graphics can be downloaded through Marketplace 2.0 portal.

December 31, 2022 is the last day when artwork related to the old Rainforest Alliance seal or UTZ label can still be submitted. Please note the accelerated timelines for cocoa products. March 1, 2021, it becomes mandatory to use product packaging with the new seal for cocoa products.

Any use of the new seal will also have to be approved in accordance with the new Rainforest Alliance Labeling & Trademarks Policy and the Rainforest Alliance Seal Graphic Guidelines published in May 2020.


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