Dear Clients,

As announced in our last communication, our teams have returned to your companies and operations in most of the countries where we operate. Our offices are also open and operational in many of the Group's subsidiaries.

In the regions of the world where lockdown or strict travel restrictions remain in force, we continue to apply the exceptional processes put in place at the beginning of the crisis, including remote audits, in order to maintain certifications. In this respect, we would like to thank you warmly for adapting, with us, to this crisis, by agreeing to use remote audits when possible to do so.

However, the virus is still present and we must anticipate that it will continue to circulate for several months, potentially disrupting our operations at any time. The logistics of organising on-site audits has also become more complex and requires a thorough planning...For all our clients who don’t have a planned audit date yet, please contact our offices, preferably by e-mail, to arrange one, in order to enable us to carry out all the audits necessary to maintain your certifications. If your audit is already scheduled, please don’t change the date: planning constraints wouldn’t allow us to guarantee the intervention of our teams on your site before the end of the year and could place your certification at risk.

For the safety of all, we are grateful for you to welcome our auditors in compliance with the health measures in force: masks, safety distance, ventilated premises, barrier gestures, etc.

The crisis we are going through is disrupting food production and distribution, highlighting the importance of local and short supply chain, enhancing the work of our farmers and of the entire organic sector. The accelerating growth in consumption of organic products, particularly visible in Europe and the USA, confirms the attachment of more and more consumers to the organic principles and values. The ambitious objective of the European Commission, within the framework of the Green Pact, to increase to 25% of the EU’s agricultural land under Organic farming by 2030, is further evidence of this trend.

Despite difficulties this crisis continues to impose on your business, we remain optimistic and enthusiastic at the idea of participating with you in the development of organic farming.

Finally, I would like to thank you, dear Clients, for your commitment on our side and I also assure you that our entire team is doing their best to better meet your needs.

Philippe THOMAZO
CEO Ecocert Group

Updated 2020-09-15

Covid-19 : Ecocert is back in the field
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