Did you know? ECOCERT sets up its carbon footprint every two years, in order to offset 100% of its emissions at Group level. In 2019, we offset the emissions of the year 2018 by supporting 2 projects:

  • The "Choloma" project of the Secacao group, located in Guatemala, 72% of our carbon footprint: investment in a hydroelectric power plant providing renewable energy to local populations,
  • The "Utsil Naj" project developed by Microsol, located in Mexico, 28% of our carbon footprint: construction of improved cookstoves allowing local populations to cook with less wood and lower health risks.

Today, we invite you to learn more about Utsil Naj. Thanks to this initiative, what impact have we had locally? Have we had a positive impact thanks to our contribution?

To try to answer these questions, we met with Microsol’s head of Partnerships and Development in order to find out more about our contribution. The organisation has drafted a report based on the data collected by their teams in the field, based on the indicators required by the Gold Standard, allowing us to understand our environmental, social and economic impact.

This project has thus enabled to avoid 2,300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the use of 227 improved kitchens, installed directly in the homes of local populations. A total of 1,230 people have benefited from it, including 379 children. Moreover, 97% of families consider that their health has improved. In addition, 34 permanent jobs have been created thanks to the project, employing people from the same local communities.

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Our contribution in the carbon project of the Microsol organisation
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