The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union this Friday at midnight, following the ratification of the withdrawal agreement by the European Parliament on 29th of January 2020 and its adoption on 30th of January by the European Council.

A transition period is foreseen to last until 31st of December 2020 during which the European law will apply to the UK. This can be extended once for a maximum period of two years if the EU and the UK agree before 1st of July 2020.

Exports from the EU, the European Economic Area, Switzerland to the UK : Goods continue to move freely during the transition period, no additional controls will be required to access the UK market.

Export from Third Countries to the UK : Existing agreements between the EU and third countries will apply during the transition period. The United Kingdom will continue during this period to recognise the list of third countries (listed in Annex III of Regulation EC 1235/2008) and certification bodies recognised under equivalence (Annex IV of Regulation EC 1235/2008). Exporters and certification bodies will continue to use the TRACES system.

EU import of goods from the United Kingdom : During the transition period, no change. UK goods have free access to the EU market

What happens next?

The movement of goods from the EU and Third Countries to the UK will be defined by the agreements to be established during the transition period.
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