MECENAT // Discover the favorite projects of our employees, called “Coups de Coeur”: At the end of 2019, we all voted for 5 new projects that will be supported for 3 years by the Ecodota endowment fund of which we are patron What is the objective of ECOCERT's partnership? To support Organic Agriculture, promote responsible consumption and limit climate change.

Discover the 5 projects:

  • « Ma Bouteille s'appelle Reviens » : Create a new waste collection and washing service for glass bottles used by fruit juice, beer and wine producers in the Drôme-Ardèche region. The consumer brings the bottle back to the point of sale after use. Then it is collected, washed and resold to a producer for reuse
  • « Duramen » : The association financially supports afforestation / reforestation projects or any other silvicultural work that brings an environmental added value to the forest.
  • « En boîte le plat » : The “En boîte le plat” project aims to break up with the single-use culture by providing glass lunch boxes to restaurants and implementing a deposit refund system for return of containers.
  • SOL : des alternatives agroécologiques et solidaires : Since 2016, the aim of the Small Farms International project has been to restore agriculture to its societal role, agriculture having an economic, social and environmental role to play. One of the main axes of the project's development is focused on the issues and challenges related to the conservation and multiplication of traditional seeds
  • « Up2green » : Up2green Reforestation, established in Colombia for almost 4 years, is launching a project to preserve the specie Tetragonisca Angustula better known in Colombia as « Angelitas bees ».
Discover the favorite projects of our employees, called “Coups de Coeur”:
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