Organic agriculture

Job description

  • Evaluate the compliance of the client’s activities with the requirements of a certification scheme 
  • 1. Plan and Prepare Audits 
  • - Confirm the feasibility of the audit (qualification, delay, scope, conflict of interest, location) through acceptation of the assignment

    - Confirm and plan the audit and related tasks to perform with the client (date, scope, detailed plan)

    - Prepare the necessary documents and tools to perform the audit (IT tools, standards and regulations, guidelines, sampling tools...)

    - Review the necessary documents and knowledge related to the audit to perform (client profile, technical issues, fields of expertise, regulations and standards concerned) 
  • 2. Perform Audits 
  • - Perform all the tasks related to the assignment received and necessary to obtain sufficient evidences (opening and closing meeting, document review, interview, activity observation, sampling...)

    - Evaluate evidences to determine the compliance towards requirements 
  • 3. Issue Audit reports 
  • - Write a report to present results (including findings and/or non-compliance) of audit performed

    - Communicate the report to the defined internal and external recipients 
  • 4. Evaluate corrective actions 
  • - Evaluate the corrective action submitted by the client to determine if adequate and relevant towards related findings and/or non-compliance

    - Evaluate evidences of corrective action implementation to determine the compliance towards findings and/or non-compliance 


  • Qualification : Graduate/ Post Graduate in Agriculture Science, Food Science or Allied Sciences, Horticulture, Environmental Science or other related fields.
  • Previous Experience : Minimum 2 years Experince 
  • Technical skills : Auditing Experience, Knowledge on Organic/ Agricultural practices & standards, Basic MS Office knowledge
  • Behavioural skills:
    - Global vision and professional judgement
    - Courage and decision making
    - Agility and Adaptability
    - Communication and interpersonal skills
    - Proactivity and creativity
    - Diligence
    - Organisation and anticipation
  • Remuneration: As per industry standards
  • Type of contract: Full time contract

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