Act for a more sustainable textile-clothing sector

Integrate environment protection at each stage of the production

Favouring an eco-design approach for textiles, using organic, ecological or recycled fibres, reducing water use, limiting polluting chemical inputs, and promoting the recycling of materials and respecting animal welfare

Ensure the development of socially responsible sectors

Enabling dignified and safe working conditions, setting fair prices, promoting ethical and long-term trade relations,

Safeguard the sector to cope with the complexity of the supply chain

Ensuring traceability and transparency all the way to the consumer (including the origin of natural, organic or recycled raw materials) and controlling environmental and social risks.

Ecocert, committed to ecological textiles

As pioneers in organic textile certification, we have been promoting the use of raw materials of plant origin for the textile industry for nearly 20 years. By operating locally in the main producing countries, we meet the requirements of the globalization of the sector.

Our expertise benefiting you globally

You are a textile or input manufacturer, supplier, brand owner, importer, exporter or distributor?

You would like to adopt best social and environmental practices?

Our experts assist you in more than 130 countries in implementing and promoting the sustainable practices by means of consulting, training and certification services.

Ecocert is your reference to ecological and organic labelling.

In order to manage your risks and initiate a progress strategy, Ecocert offers recognized standards for organic and ecological textiles, for Fair Trade or for Corporate Social Responsibility. In your company, our solutions may be implemented independently from one another or combined within the frame of a comprehensive responsible business approach.

Our training program: sharing our expertise

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Corporate Social Responsibility: from theoretical principles to practice within companies

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Understanding the organic and ecological textiles standards

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Focus on the social and environmental criteria of the GOTS and ERST standards

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Our consulting services: know-how dedicated to your projects

We assist you in developing tailor-made solutions that match your targets. Find below our references in textiles:

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International textile group
Strengthening of the CSR strategy
* Diagnosis of the group CSR project * Proposal of improvement areas : practical implications for validating, identifying new topics, programme coherence and compatibility with the guidelines of CSR standards, internal communication and employee involvement, etc.


Rollout of a CSR policy integrating the requirements of the GOTS standard
Textile VSE
Assistance in the implementation of a CSR strategy
* Training of the internal CSR officer * Continuation of individualised support on site. * Identification of challenges in line with the strategy of the general management * Hierarchisation and stakeholder consultation * Goal setting and participatory development of the action plan * Operational rollout of the CSR project.


Obtaining the CSR label: SME +
International cosmetics group
Creation of a third-party Evaluation tool
* Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the responsible sourcing programme for cosmetic raw materials and textile accessories * Development of an environmental and social assessment grid for the production chains of these raw materials and accessories * Carrying out assessments in 24 countries * Reporting and proposing action plans to further develop the production chains and improve impact.


32 production chains periodically evaluated since 2009
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Corporate Social Responsibility

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