Customer relations
Organic agriculture

Job description

  • Develop the business 
  • 1. Generate leads 
  • Target and engage with potential clients 
  • Participate to trade fairs 
  • Sale Ecocert services to potential clients 
  • 2. Answer first applications 
  • Review applications 
  • Make first commercial proposals and conduct negotiations with first applicants 
  • Follow-up until contractual agreement 
  • 3. Be the sales contact of existing clients  
  • Conduct commercial negotiations with existing clients 
  • Maintain relationship and visit key clients 
  • Develop existing accounts (cross selling, etc.) 


  • Qualification : MBA, Graduate/ Post Graduate in Agriculture Science, Food Science or Allied Sciences, Horticulture, Environmental Science or other related fields.
  • Previous Experience : Fresher/Internship Experience/1 year of experience
  • Behavioural skills:
    - Global vision and professional judgement
    - Courage and decision making
    - Agility and Adaptability
    - Communication and interpersonal skills
    - Proactivity and creativity
    - Diligence
    - Organisation and anticipation
  • Type of contract: Full time contract

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