Organisation chart

Organisation chart of ECOCERT Group

General management

  • Chairman of the Board: W. VIDAL
  • Chief Executive Officer: P. THOMAZO
  • Vice President in charge of international relations: M. REYNAUD
  • Head of Legal department: E. LELARGE
  • Head of Quality department: J. VIDAL

Corporate services

  • Head of Technical department: J. VIDAL
  • Head of Financial department: D. MONACHON
  • Head of Human resources department: V. CLECH
  • Head of R&D: V. LEMAIRE
  • Information technology manager: S. RICHARD
  • Sustainable development manager: S. CONAN


  • Organic farming: P. THOMAZO
  • Eco-products: V. LEMAIRE
  • Ethical: L. LEFEBVRE
  • Quality and Safety: N. BESCOND
  • Environment: L. CROGUENNEC
  • Climate change: X. HATCHONDO
  • Expert Consulting: E. CHERHAL


  • Europe / Asia / Africa: P. THOMAZO
  • North America / South America: V. MOREL