Climate Commitment

Why getting committed?

…Because Climate Change is getting worse with the increase of GHG emissions caused by our growing fossil fuels use, while energy resources are more and more scarse and costly.

Measuring, reducing and compensating your GHG emissions means getting committed towards the climate & energy stakes. This is a dynamic for the environment and the biodiversity which is at the same time a source of savings, progress and economic opportunities for your business.

How to get committed?

  • Measure: carbon accounting
    Undertaking your carbon accounting means mapping the GHG impact of all the process needed by your activity.
    > Forecasting climate & energy stakes to reveal strategic results for your business development.
    > Carbon accounting offer

  • Reduce: carbon management
    Managing your GHG emissions means setting efficiently the GHG reduction plans that were advised by your carbon accounting.
    > Decreasing your climate impact, improving your development strategy, reducing your exploitation costs, widening your commercial offer and arguments…
    > Carbon management offer

  • Compensate: carbon compensation
    Compensating your GHG emissions means neutralizing your climate impact – that was first reduced to its best – throughout reducing or preventing GHG emissions projects. 
    > Compensating your climate impact means also integrating your stakeholders to the dynamic, offering your clients a valuated – and even 100% carbon neutral – product or service.
    > Carbon compensation offer

The Ecocert Environnement difference

An upgraded expertise given by our certification body experience.

Following your needs and current certifications, we can integrate or add your Climate Commitment to other environmental or social approaches (EMAS, (EMAS, ISO 14001, 50001, ISO 26000, non-financial reports…).

An ‘‘all included’’ or “on demand” offer

First carbon neutral climate offer, the Climate Commitment adapts itself to your business size and your sector requirements – so that everyone can act.

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