A committed company 

  • One vision: Acting for a sustainable world ! Significant core activities, such as training, consulting, or accompanying clients towards sustainable practices.
  • Sponsorship projects submitted to employees' votes, focusing on organic farming, a more conscious consumption and the fight against climate change.
  • A commitment to reduce or compensate our carbon impact as much as possible.
Discover our actions! 

Life at Ecocert

A historic and innovative player in the organic sector 

  • Pioneer of organic agriculture and initiator of numerous standards such as organic cosmetics or fair trade.
  • Continuous growth for more than 30 years in promising sectors.
  • Innovative business projects through digitalization.
  • A preserved independence ensuring our durability and preserving our values
O nama

A pleasant working environment

  • An ecological real estate policy with a positive energy-built head office.
  • Remote working has been implemented in most of our subsidiaries.
  • A relaxed and friendly work environment.
  • Friendly moments in team, festive evenings... the company life is important!
Behind the scenes 

    Recognition that values individual and collective performance 

  • A compensation system based on both individual and collective performance through a bonus system and annual increase cycles.
  • A common base of social security coverage for all our employees around the world.
    • The development of our teams at the center of our attention 

  • Training as a powerful motivational lever with an average of 3 days of training per year.
  • Clear and harmonized career paths have been set up in most of our businesses to encourage skill development and provide opportunities.
  • Autonomy, responsibility, agility andfrequent feedback are encouraged within our teams.
  • 2000



    years old / average age 


    recruitments per year

    68 %


    8 years

    of seniority on average in the Group 

    Rich, collaborative and trusting human relationships 

    Team spirit, mutual aid and a sense of community are at the core of our values.

    A relationship of trust and proximity between employees and managers.

    Employees invested in both the projects proposed and in the life of the company.

    A company rich in different cultures, open to the world, with offices in over 30 countries.  

    They testify 

    Emilie, Manager France
    I know that my work is purpose-driven, that it contributes to environmental preservation and to every one’s health. 
    Logeshwaran, Auditor Inde
    I got an opportunity to work daily with international clients, it’s helping me to gain more knowledge.
    Cindy, Certification officer, France
    There is very good cohesion in the team, and it’s pleasant to work together.
    Nicolas, Auditor, Chile
    Thanks to my job, I do my part by auditing clients and help them move towards more sustainable practices. 
    Anziscke,Client relation, South Africa
    I had the opportunity to develop my skills and move into different work positions in just two years. 
    Xavier, Developer, France
    The technical context is very interesting and modern, but above all the team is competent and friendly! 
    Marjorie, Auditor, France
    My job is exciting because I never do the same thing every day!
    Buket, Auditor, Turkey
    I learn something new and see different perspectives each day with a wide range of clients. 
    Emilie, Division Director, France
    The Group's talent management policy gives many opportunities, and I was able to benefit from them!
    Etienne, Commercial, Madagascar
    I significantly increase my knowledge in this job and above all it contributes to developing a sustainable world! 

    Otkrijte profesije koje nudimo


    Kao učesnik na terenu koji je u direktnom kontaktu sa našim klijentima, osiguravate da se poštuje organska proizvodnja, odgovorna i održiva praksa

    Proces sertifikacije

    Odgovorni ste za centralizaciju i analizu raznih informacijau vezi sa praksom naših klijenataina, kako bi se donela najprikladnija odluka o sertifikaciji.

    Odnos sa kupcima

    Vodite naše klijente kroz angažovani proces, dok u isto vreme identifikujete njihove potrebe i održavate i razvijate kvalitetan poslovni odnos.

    Korporativne usluge

    Vi ste zaduženi operativni tim, dajući im savete pri razvoju njihovih projekata i pri donošenju odluka, pružajući im stručnu podršku svakodnevno.

    Savetovanje / Konsalting

    Savetujete naše klijente o realizaciji osmišljenih projekata kao i da im pomgonete da poboljšaju svoju ekološku praksu i održivi razvoj.


    Vi ste odgovorni za razvoj obuka zaposlenih u kompanijama klijenata i lokalnih vlasti, kao i za predlaganje metode obuke koja najviše odgovara njihovim potrebama.

    Naše mogućnosti za posao

    Trenutno nemamo slobodnih radnih mesta u ovoj zemlji, ali uvek smo u potrazi za dobrim kadrovima!