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Description du poste

TRANSITIONS is looking for a motivated and committed full time Senior Project Manager to join itsSustainable Sourcing team and coordinate the initiative Action for Sustainable Derivatives, supporting leading organizations in the consumer goods manufacturing and personal care sectors in implementing deforestation-free, responsible sourcing policies.



Job description

In coordination with the Head of Sustainable Sourcing, Project Directors, and other Project Managers, the Senior Project Manager will:

Management of the collaborative initiative Action for Sustainable Derivatives (ASD)

·     Facilitation, coordination and project management for the initiative Action for Sustainable Derivatives (ASD), a multi-stakeholder collaboration aimed at achieving a sustainable production and sourcing of palm, soy and coconut-based derivative materials;

·     Organize and facilitate working groups with clients, partners and stakeholders;

·     Help manage daily contacts and develop relationships with the initiative’s members;

·     Coordinate a team of 10-12 consultants staffed at various levels of roles and responsibilities on these projects, supporting their needs and skills improvement;

·     Ensure the implementation, consistency and follow-up of planned workstreams to guarantee the expected outcomes are delivered upon deadline and in line with clients’ expectations;

·     Contribute to the production of strategic reports and other deliverables;

·     Contribute to the initiative’s growth and development, through the engagement of new clients and sectors;

·     Develop and animate the initiative’s network with key stakeholders including technical partners, civil society organizations, research institutions, certification bodies, etc.;

·     Help design the collaboration’s long-term strategy, exploring possible evolutions in its governance, economic model, processes and approaches.

Lead operational & technical activities

·     In collaboration with a team of consultants, develop and operate processes, methodologies and technical tools to achieve transparency in complex supply chains, measure and monitor environmental and social risks, and evaluate the performance of market players;

·     Engage clients and suppliers to collect information, and manage datasets and databases to support the achievement of supply chain traceability;

·     Explore system & process evolutions for the collaboration’s transparency approach;

·     Monitor non-compliance alerts in the supply chain and participate in the design of action plans for their resolution;

·     Coordinate individual and collective action on grievance management, supplier engagement, advocacy at institutional and sectoral level, and the implementation of responsible field projects led by third-party project implementers in key production landscapes;

Contribute to the development of the strategy for key agricultural commodities (palm, soy, coconut, etc.)

·     Help design innovative sustainable sourcing solutions for key at-risk commodities, leveraging both individual and collective efforts at organizational, economic, environmental and social levels (e.g. coordinated supply chain engagement, landscape approaches, innovative business models, joint action mechanisms, etc.);

·     Build relationships and manage frequent engagement with stakeholders (NGOs, civil society organizations, certification bodies, technical institutes, private sector, supply chain players, communities, governmental institutions, research organizations, etc.) to share information and promote alignment on responsible sourcing approaches;

·     Participate in technical working groups and coalitions at international level to increase knowledge and share expertise;

·     Participate in the organization, consolidation and enhancement of internal knowledge & skills related to sustainability, multi-stakeholder action and agricultural commodities, as a way to augment our ability to think, adapt and innovate.

Profil recherché

Required qualifications

·     Masters’ degree in Business, Engineering, Political Sciences or related field, specialized in supply chain management, procurement or sustainability;

·     6-7 years of relevant professional experience in the consulting, NGO and/or business sector  at a strategic position working in complex supply chains, and/or designing tools and solutions to implement sustainable sourcing strategies (supply chain management, logistics, purchasing, etc.);

·     Prior experience in coordinating or collaborating with multi-stakeholder initiatives around environmental and/or social responsibility issues;

·     Prior experience collaborating with major international actors (brands, manufacturers, supply chain players, producers, etc.);

·     Strong project management skills;

·     Strong knowledge and understanding of environmental and social responsibility issues related to the supply of products or raw materials derived from natural resources, notably agricultural commodities (palm oil, soy, coconut, etc.);

·     Ability to work with IT and digital tools, especially Excel;

·     Excellent writing skills, team-worker and critical thinker with the ability to take initiative.

Desirable skills

·     Experience or knowledge of the oleochemical, cosmetics, or home & personal care industries;

·     Prior experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues on complex industry topics;

·     Knowledge of environmental and social regulations & their evolution;

·     Excellent communication and public speaking skills;

·     Structured, organized, rigorous with strong analytical mind and capacity for synthesis;

·     Ability to summarize complex issues and link together various stakeholders;

·     Ability to work daily with IT and digital tools, including planning & project management tools;

·     Excellent writing skills, team-worker and critical thinker with the ability to take initiative;

·     Strong flexibility, adaptability and empathy;

Language requirements

·     Excellent command written and spoken of both French and English (bilingual), with the ability to draft concept notes and reports in both languages;

·     Any additional language among the following would be a plus: Bahasa, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese.



·     Location: Paris 11 (Bastille area), France with frequent travel abroad;

·     Remote working arrangement negotiable;

·     To begin in October / November 2022;

·     Salary commensurate with experience.

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