South East Asia
Organic agriculture

Job description

  • You will be responsible for performing the following tasks:

  1. Contact and schedule inspections with the customers
  2. Prepare and conduct inspections
  3. Make and send inspection reports to the certification team
  4. Evaluate the corrective actions communicated by the clients following their eventual deviations. 


  • Experience / Education
  1. Bachelor / Master Degree in agriculture, food science, sustainable development, environment management or social accountability OR extensive farming or food processing experience
  2. Fluent in both written & oral English. Fluent in other languages is a plus
  3. Excellent communication, interpersonal and customer relations skills
  4. Commitment to respect confidentiality, independence and impartiality
  5. An experience in audit is a big plus
  • This post requires:
  1. A great rigor and a good relationship with all collaborators and a good sense of organization.
  2. A good synthesis and listening capacity helps to meet the expectations of customers / operators.
  3. Diplomacy is a necessary quality in contact with customers. 
  4. The availability of geographic positioning dynamics is necessary when visiting customers (farmers/operators).
  5. The willingness of traveling often & internationally (up to 75% of the month traveling)
  • Technical Skills
  1. To prove knowledge and understanding: 
  2. Agricultural and agro-food sectors in general.
  3. Organic production mode.
  4. Regulations and documents in force.
  • Conditions
  1. Part-time position. Freelance contract. Competitive salary based on experience.
  2. Residency in South-East Asia, with particular interest for Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Willing to travel across South-East Asia

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